Xiaomi India Launches 10000mAh Mi Power Bank at Rs.1299 only


Commemorating the 2nd anniversary of Chinese giant Xiaomi this year, new product “10000 mAh power bank” was launched in India recently at a price of Rs 1,299 on the MI official website.

Covered in a sleek Anodized Aluminum shell, as small as a business card, is created by high precision CNC digital cutting, which makes it impeccably smooth to hold & shields as resistant to water and corrosion during every-day usage.

The product comes with power check button, one micro USB input port, four indicator lights, and a USB output port. The battery used in the device comes with smaller Panasonic/LG battery cells exhibiting 735Wh/L Polymer Cell technology, which is said to be 30% more energy dense than its previous power bank model.

Covered with nine layers of excellent circuit chip protection which provides protection from short circuit, output/input overvoltage & output overcurrent protection, control temperature resistance, resets mechanisms, handle incorrect insertions, protection from overcharge & over-discharge and lastly provides PTC Protective circuits for the cell.

This power bank of Xiaomi houses with DC 5.0V input voltage and DC 5.1V output voltage and the power bank takes up to 5.5 hours to fully charge using a 5V/2A plug, or 10 hours using a 5V/1A plug.

The weighs just 207 gm & has compact dimensions of 91 x 60.4 x 22mm, taking nearly 5.5 hours to fully charge up the power bank with a 5V/2A plug. The power bank is compatible with devices of several brands namely Mi, Apple, Samsung, HTC, Google, and BlackBerry etc, digital cameras & handheld devices.

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