Top 5 best Raincoat Brands in India

With the onset of monsoon in India there arises a need for protection along with utter comfort while one is transit or commuting places. The vagaries of Indian monsoon is always unexpected and hence one should always be prepared to enjoy rains sportingly with raincoats put on with style.

Raincoats are must have accessory in your wardrobe in this season shielding the wearer from water-borne ailments. There are quality raincoats available in the markets to choose from keeping in mind factors exhibiting features like :

  • Comfort
  • Breathability
  • Sweat and Odor prevention
  • Colors
  • Fabrics (such as Tyvek, Polyester, Coated nylons and Gore-Tex)
  • Durability
  • Reliability
  • Affordability

Some best brands existing in the country are being discussed in this list of the top 5 raincoat brands in India here for you to make better decisions before buying.

5. Versalis

versalisStylish and very affordable Versalis raincoats are widely preferred in India, stands fifth in the list of top 5 best raincoat brands in India.
Its attributes are wide variety of patterns, tear proof textures, best quality zips, colors and sizes. Most of its raincoats have polyester fabric which is solid and sturdy, and hence very durable and long lasting.

Versalis is among premium and luxury rainwear brands countrywide.

4. Adidas

adidasNothing better when you can get a global brand patented on your raincoat, flaring up style and status duo. This leading international sportswear brand which also supplies rain coats to beat thundering rains.

Adidas has fully lined with a detachable hood raincoat, light weighted flipping sides style and well functioning zips hemmed in all range of its rainwear products. The brand stands fourth in the list of top 5 best raincoat brands in India.


zeelThe parent company of ZEEL is NZ Seasonal Wear Pvt. Ltd., also has a sister firm Water Fighter too. ZEEL has lately been heavily demanded brand nationwide.

The brand has an exclusive collection available for all ages and sizes also, enjoys the ISO 9001:2008 certifications. The brand visionary Mr. Dinesh Trivedi started his journey in 1995 and today the brand stands as the trailblazer in the rainwear industry.

ZEEL flaunts among top three largest rainwear manufacturers in India with more than 300 products, to cater all the consumers across India.

2. Wildcraft

wildcraftFor the one is a traveler who loves braving monsoon treks and adventure then Wildcraft’s range of rain wears are the best to settle for.

Comes with a sporty look Wildcraft rainwear are available for men and women. Wildcraft’s jackets are top notch waterproof rain coats,┬árain jackets and wind cheaters are reliable and worth the value of money.

Wildcraft has secured the second position in the list of top 5 best raincoat brands in India.


duckbackDuckback Tulsi Corporation is one of the highly regarded dealers for Duckback in India, which has all varieties of ranges available for men, women and children. The brand aces the list of top 5 best raincoat brands in India.

Duckback is the leading brand ensuring excellent quality in the rainwear segment, but also other accessories which calls for the hour this season such as Rubber boots, Rainsuits, Safety Shoes, Waterbed and Gum boots, Windcheaters etc.

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