Top 5 best Handmade Soap Brands in India

In the age of rampant commercialization, tapping products with natural ingredients may prove to be a daunting task when every next thing we use today are laden with chemicals in some of the other form. However, if you were to make an effort to look beyond your local store, you’ll find a fair share of alternatives that can, frankly, alter your life for the better. It just needs awareness and willingness to change for good. Whether take it in the case for skin essentials or wellness products for that matter. Handmade Soaps are one such commodity we are going to discuss in this article.

Gaining immense popularity these days as a chemical free alternative to conventional soaps, Handmade soaps are made from the scratch using wholesome and natural ingredients which are very mild in impact and gently cleanse the skin leaving the skin smooth and dirt free.

Catering to different skin types, handmade soaps are also customizable with some brands and available to suit different skin types. Mostly used in aromatherapy, these soaps are prepared using cold pressed or hot pressed techniques. The use of Handmade soaps results flawless and blemish free skin and lets you start your morning with perfect holy baths which forms the part of your daily skin care regime.

Reasons one should go for handmade soaps:

  • Natural & organic
  • Certified cruelty-free
  • Free of detergents & adulteration.
  • Free of synthetic fragrances & colour
  • Free of artificial preservatives & foam boosters
  • Free of alcohol and petroleum products
  • Free of GMOs & biodegradable
  • Mild, detoxifying and nourishing
  • Balanced pH

The feel of it on your skin as you wash is simply indulgent, Handmade Soaps that gives lather rich and smooth wash and leaves you with a clear conscience. Well most of the handmade brands gained a lot of attention via online merchandise platform unlike in stores and marketplace. Apart from its brand’s official website, there are several websites such as Amazon, Nykaa, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Purplle, Big basket, Homeshop 18 which showcases plethora of handmade soap brands and its products.

Of late most of the buyer prefer online ordering of handmade soaps which in a way enables easy choosing & buying affairs from wide variety of fragrances and ingredients one are looking for. We have thus, reviewed the list of Top 10 best Handmade Soap brands in India, which are the most grossing from the rest of the brands.

5. Forest Essentials

forestessentialsFifth in the list of Top 10 best Handmade Soap brands in India, stands Forest Essentials. This luxury brand infuses the ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with modern aesthetics in its beauty, wellness & cosmetic product ranges.

This quintessential Indian Beauty Brand’s handmade soap extracts the best raw and crude ingredients from nature’s basket. Pure and authentic Forest Essentials’ handmade soaps are epitome of balance between nature and life sciences, which are formulated using cold pressed organic oils, herb infusions, rare plant extracts, vitamins, shea butter, minerals, proteins, unique fatty acids, natural spring waters, and steam-distilled pure essential oils.

Its clear sugar soap intensely hydrate the skin and retexturizes the natural moisture of your supple skin. Some of its must try soaps are iced pomegranate with fresh Kerala lime, sandalwood and turmeric, Bengal tuberose, bitter orange & cinnamon, rose & cardamom, saffron infused milk etc.

4. Soulflower

soulflowerSoulflower is India’s one of the leading homegrown brand that offers aromatic  products which are freshly curated from the nature’s basket. Combining fun and beauty, Soulflower offers a blend of a revolutionary concept of Spa at Home too.

Started almost a decade ago, the brand is available in over a 150 retail outlets across India. Soulflower offers more than 50 variants of 100 % vegetarian soap, where each soap is handmade by artisans & craftsmen infusing lot of love and attention in detailing. They are hand poured, hand cut, hand milled & hand wrapped with lots of goodness for your skin.

Soulflower’s handmade soaps are not only refreshing for your olfactory senses but also packed with the goodness of nature’s bounty. Its aroma based products uses ingredients like vegetable oils of olive, castor, coconut & palm oil, herbs, fruits, vegetables, flower extracts, Glycerin and other carrier oils devoid of any harmful chemicals like SLS, Alcohol, Preservatives.

Its top selling soap are jasmine soap, baby your skin soap, charcoal soap, milk cocoa bar soap, aloe vera soap, papaya soap, anti-acne sulphur soap.

3. Vaadi

vaadiNext in the list of Top 10 best Handmade Soap brands in India, stands Vaadi Herbals. The brand with its rich experience of a decade, uses concoction of life sciences and Ayurveda to make each products rich of herbal and organic essence, which are free from chemicals.

Its handmade soap ensures you a blissful bathing experience. The ingredients of Vaadi handmade soaps uses nutrients which cleanse, nourishes and protects your skin. This GMP certified brand uses ingredients such as therapeutic essential oils, berry seed oils, and some oils which are sourced from the tropical rain forests of the Amazon.

It offers a wide variety of handmade soaps naming a few like tulsi soap, tea tree soap, anti acne soap, sandal soap, elbow-foot-knee scrub soap, rose soap, lemongrass scub soap, exotic kiwi soap, fruit splash soap, lavender soap, almond soap, saffron soap, peach soap, lemon and basil soap, chocolate and khus soap etc. Vaadi has a vast spread distributorship of its 175 products spanning its presence in India and other countries.

2. Nyassa

nyassaNyassa’s soaps are handmade with love, blending the most exotic fragrances and  natural ingredients that unleashes the ethereal joy of bathing.

100% vegetarian, this brand formulates by blending pure and natural ingredients with rare and mystical fragrances. From butter soaps to nutritive sugar soaps, Nyassa offers distinctive products under these categories when handmade products are concerned.

Its handmade soaps uses Active Base, seven pure natural essential oils, moisturizing butter of Shea butter, rice bran oil, jojoba oil as its ingredients. It’s natural Exfoliants, Antiseptic agents and Antioxidants ensures your skin glows and radiates charm after every use.

Some its best selling handmade soaps are dry fruits, vanilla, oatmeal and honey, loofah soaps, tropical vetiver, french lavender, berry berry, green apple, lemon grass, cafe noir, southern spice, rose and lychee, lotus, Moroccan rose etc.

1. Khadi Naturals

khadiAcing the list of Top 10 best Handmade Soap brands in India, Khadi Naturals is synonymous with quality and purity. This brand offers handmade soaps in three different categories viz. Glycerine Soaps, Loofah Soaps, Butter Soaps.

Understanding the goodness of many herbs and ingredients, the brand offers in glycerin base soaps like jasmine, chandan haldi, aloe vera, almond, mixed fruits, orange, apricot scrub, saffron, lemongrass, neem tusli basil scrub, herbal rose water, strawberry, mint, lavender, honey, khus etc. Where each ingredients has unique set of properties that helps you to enrich your bathing experience.

The Loofah is widely used for bathing to exfoliate and  invigorate the skin and circulation, and Khadi offers soaps in this sub types too, such as rose & honey, kiwi & lavender.

Its Butter soaps categories include soaps like Cinnamon Pitchoul, Rose & Honey With Rose Petals, Chocolate Honey With Chocolate Sauce Soap, Mint & Sesame Seeds Soap, Woody Sandal & Honey Soap, Lavender & Ylang Ylang. Each type of soap has a unique recipe that carry evocative ingredients with the heady aroma of fresh in a luxurious formula that soften the skin.

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