Top 10 Trading Companies in India by Market Cap 2017

Trading companies are companies that work in diverse domains, which include consumer, minerals, energy, etc. Trading companies are like middlemen as they trade within the country or with multiple countries in the world. Trading companies connects buyers and sellers, but not take part in the ownership or storage of goods, earning their revenue from commissions on sales.

In the present era, its really difficult for a company to produce its products and sell them to customers. Now, here comes the role of trading company. The company assign its different parts of making a product to different trading companies, which completes all parts of product making and gives finished product to the client.

There are a large number of trading companies in India that provide quality products to customers. This post describes about the Top 10 Trading Companies in India by Market Cap 2017.

10. Jindal Worldwide

jindal wordlwideJindal Worldwide is the leader in the Indian textile industries and is operating in Indian contingent as well as has international clients too. The company has started as a small venture during the late 70’s. Jindal worldwide has become a weaving, processing and home textile manufacturing industries.

The company provides products and services in the areas like trading, textiles, chemicals, finance.

Market Capitalization: Rs 370 Crore

9. Control Print

control printControl Print stands ninth in the list of Top 10 Trading Companies in India by Market Cap 2017. The company was incepted in the year 1991, which is a provider of Coding & Marking Solutions.

The Food, Beverage, FMCG/Personal Care industries and Pharmaceutical sectors rely on this trading company for providing all the necessary statutory information such as Maximum Retail Price information and Best Before Codes.

Also the company provides necessary product information such as Batch Codes, Serial Numbers, or Variable Barcodes for several industries like Pipe & Plastic, Wire & Cable, Steel & Metal, Cement, Plywood and other manufacturing industries.

Market Capitalization: Rs 396 Crore

8. Uniphos Enterprises

uniphos entUniphos Enterprises Limited is a chemical trading company, which was established in the year 1969, under the name of United Phosphorous Limited.

Presently the Company is also holding 5.91% equity shares of UPL Limited. The total income of the company as od March 2016 was recorded as 13.71 crores. Uniphos Enterprises Limited has secured the eighth position in the list of Top 10 Trading Companies in India by Market Cap 2017.

Market Capitalization: Rs 500 Crore

7. India Motor Parts & Accessories Limited

impalIndia Motor Parts & Accessories Limited (IMPAL) is a company was incorporated in 1954 and is a part of TVS Group Company. The company’s registered & corporate office is situated in Chennai. The company’s net profit for the year ending March 2016 was recorded as 507.95 crores.

It is engaged in the distribution of automobile spare parts and accessories like motor parts and deals in engine group components, brake systems, axles, fasteners, instrument clusters, radiators, suspensions, auto electricals, wheels, steering linkages etc.

Market Capitalization: Rs 627 Crore

6. Sical Logistics

Sical LogisticsSical Logistics is a leading logistics company and HAS occupied the sixth position in the list of Top 10 Trading Companies in India by Market Cap 2017. The company is a logistics solution provider and offers services like Port Logistics, Offshore Logistics, Surface Logistics and Integrated Logistics.

Market Capitalization: Rs 1884 Crore

5. State Trading Corporation of India Limited

State Trading Corporation of India LimitedState Trading Corporation of India Limited is a government trading company incorporated in the year 1956, whose corporate office is situated in Delhi. The company is engaged in export and import operations and some of the business domains of the company are agro-commodities, precious metals, minerals & metal ores, coal & coke, fertilisers, counter trade & offset, general imports, ballistic items etc.

Market Capitalization: Rs 1368 Crore

4. PTC India Limited

PTC India Limited PTC India Limited is a government power trading company established in the year 1999. The company is a leader in this domain since inception and offers services like power supply from cross-border power project and financial services to power projects.

PTC India Limited was founded as an institution that would provide credit risk mitigation to private power project developers in India. The company undertakes trading activities which include long term trading of power generated from large as well as short term power projects.

Market Capitalization: Rs 2,387 Crore

3. Swan Energy Limited

Swan Energy Limited Incorporated in the year 1909, Swan Energy Limited is a big corporation with business in real estate, energy and textiles. The company operates fabric processing plant in Ahmedabad, which has a capacity of over 1 Lakh metres per day.

Swan Energy Limited (SEL) is one of the biggest manufacturer and marketer of cotton and polyester textile products in India. The company offers top-notch quality of cotton and polyester textile products in India.

Market Capitalization: Rs 3,791 Crore

2. MMTC Limited

MMTC Limited MMTC Limited is a government trading company and ranked second in the list of top 10 trading companies in India by market cap. MMTC Limited is a leading public sector trading organization that handles the export and import of various products such as coal, iron ore, fertilizer, metals, etc.

The company has a wide trade network across the globe and operates in many countries of Asia, Africa, North America and South America. The company has many joint ventures and link deals in other countries and also owns a subsidiary in Singapore.

Market Capitalization: Rs 6,990 Crore

1. Adani

AdaniAdani Group is the leading trading corporation in India, which was incorporated in the year 1988. The company has business in different domains like logistics, energy, resources and agribusiness.

Adani is an indisputable leader in logistics as it operates 7 ports and terminals in the country, which account for 95% of India’s international trade. Also, Mundra Port owned by Adani handles over 100 Million Metric Tonnes of cargo every year. Adani Group is also a leader in importing coal in India and accounts for about 60% of the total coal imported in the country.

Market Capitalization: Rs 8,787 Crore

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