Top 10 Best Sunglasses Brands in india

Sunglasses are primarily worn to protect the eyes from extreme climatic conditions and now a days no one can even imagine of going out without putting these on. Along with the safety aspect, it has become a style statement.

People wear it to look trendy and want to outshine in the society by wearing the premium brands that add to their status. This is the reason why market of sunglasses have grown drastically and enabled several market players to enter into this segment.

Despite of a stiff competition, the following players could make it to the list of top 10 best sunglasses brands in India:



Vogue is the sunglasses brand for those who are very passionate for the fashion and give utmost importance to their appearance and this make it to come on the tenth position in the list. Vogue sunglasses are very designer and little bit expensive as compared to other brands in the market.

These come in attractive color schemes along with oversized frames to add a peppy look to the personality. Vogue sunglasses are not only  designer but also fulfills the protection criteria through their polarized lenses. These are mainly searched because of its following features:

  • Very stylish with several  frame shapes to suit the face cut
  • Vibrant colors representing different personalities
  • Polarized lenses to protect from UV rays
  • Sense of association with the brand
  • For the glamorous look



Velocity sunglasses is again the brand that is popular among the today’s generation whose major concern is price and at the same time want to look trendy or fashionable. Velocity sunglasses have conform to these by offering stylish designer frames along with brilliant color shades and have made in this list of top sunglasses brands in India.

The most impressive thing about this brand is that examining eyeglasses and sunglasses are collectively available with an interchangeable lens method that give protection against UV rays. Velocity sunglasses have been fairly searched due to its following features:

  • Less expensive and easily affordable by all
  • Very stylish along with the protection clause
  • Optical frames to enhance the  look
  • Interchangeable lens method
  • Easily available online and in stores



Joe Black is again one of the brand that is popular among the youth and occupied 8th place in the list of top 10 best sunglasses brands in India. Joe Black is very well placed on e-commerce sites and get a huge search by people. It is supported by great players like Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong, Snapdeal , Amazon and many more.

This brand has gained popularity and recognition in the market through these sites.  It is less expensive and is affordable by each segment of the society. Joe black comes in vibrant colors and trendy frame style that fascinates the youth. Following features of Joe Black brings it in the list of top 10 sunglasses brands in India:

  • Reasonable with high affordibility
  • Very well placed on e -commerce sites
  • Light in weight due to the use of fiber
  • Polarised lenses to avoid glare
  • Wide range of colors and frames that complement the look



Gucci sunglass is one of the designer brand and comes in the premium category and is holding seventh position in the list. Gucci sunglasses are popular for its oversized frames that give a funky look to its owner. Again these sunglasses are purchased by those who are status conscious and give much more importance to standard of living.

Gucci sunglasses are very elegant and its shape and color give unique identity to the person wearing it. In terms of safety it is very will in line with the other brands. Gucci sunglasses are UV protected and are polarized. Despite being such an elite product it is being frequently searched because of its following features:

  • Status symbol
  • Oversized frames to get a unique look
  • Sense of association with the brand
  • Wide variety and colors to match with the cloth line
  • To come in the category of premium customers



Polaroid sunglasses is one of the oldest company that is offering the polarized sunglasses and have occupied sixth position in the list of top 10 sunglasses brands in India. Polaroid sunglasses uses the exclusive technology of thermo-fusion that enhances the clarity and make the distant object appear more accurate and clear. These glasses provide the flawless vision and also blocks the UV rays from damaging the eyes.

Polaroid Sunglasses are the perfect combination of protection, performance and style. There is a wide color range as well as numerous frame styles that can add a golden feather to the personality. Following are the features that  make Polaroid sunglasses searched frequently:

  • Less expensive
  • Highly protective for the eyes
  • Avoids the glare and make the vision much clearer
  • Wide scale of colors that reflects the personality
  • Easily available online and in stores



Prada sunglass is one of the designer brand that have made to the fifth position in the list. Prada sunglasses particularly cater to the elite segment who can afford these highly expensive sunglasses. These have unique designs with limited editions to provide sense of uniqueness to its owners.

Prada sunglasses are very much stylish and comes in vibrant colors that suits the high-end clothing. Their main focus is on fashion but it is no where behind in terms of safety. Sunglasses provide protection against UV rays and lenses are polarized to avoid any reflection. Being an elite product and serving the niche market it is being searched frequently due to its following features:

  • Status symbol
  • Very stylish and available in brilliant colors
  • Match up with the expensive clothing
  • To get the luxurious and the elegant feel
  • Sense of brand association



Idee sunglasses is again one of the brand that is popular among the youth and stand at fourth in the list of top 10 best sunglasses brands in India. Idee sunglasses focuses on today’s generation who are very conscious for their looks and very particular about their dressings. These are less expensive and available in a wide range of colors and styles that suits the face cut.

Idee sunglasses are vey sleek and light in weight due to the use of metal injected plastics contributing to its durability. Following are the features that make idee sunglasses the frequently searched brand:

  • Less expensive
  • More focus  on fashion and style
  • Resistant proof frames with a much lighter weight
  • Vibrant colors that suits the personality
  • Easily available online and in stores



Oakley sunglasses is again one of the premium brand occupying the third position in the list. Oakley sunglasses is very popular among the athletes and sports person. With the exclusive use of  Plutonite Lens Material the clarity, comfort and protection of eyes from impact and sunlight  has been maximized.

Oakley sunglasses are popular for its loose fit that complements  the style. People majorly buy these glasses to wear them while riding a bike, driving, shooting and hanging around the pool. Oakley sunglasses are very expensive and buying these add to the status symbol. These are searched maximum by people because of its following features:

  • Status symbol
  • High definition lens material to block the UV rays
  • Enhancing the clear vision through liquid fusion technology
  • Flexible and rubberized frames adding to the longevity.
  • Impact absorber frames and lenses



Fastrack sunglasses have made to the second position in the list due to its immense popularity among the youth especially the school and college goers. Fastrack sunglasses are much more affordable and comes in a wide variety of colors and styles.

It specially caters to the demand of those customers who change their glasses frequently and at the same time want to look trendy and stylish. Fastrack sunglasses comes in more rough and tough styles that results in long term durability. The following features make fastrack sunglasses the most frequently searched brand:

  • Less expensive with wide color range
  • UV protection in the lenses
  • Designing is inline with the upcoming fashion
  • Attractive and durable frame styles
  • Easily available online as well as in stores.



Ray Ban is the name that immediately pops up in the mind when asked about the sunglasses. Ray ban is very much popular among all the age groups because of its frequent use by celebrities in movies. Being a premium brand, it adds to the personality thereby acting as a status symbol for those who are brand conscious.

Ray Ban is famous for its aviator style that comes in solid coloured lenses with a much stronger frame. These sunglasses are purchased heavily by pilots who face vision obstructions while flying planes on higher altitudes .

Ray Ban is an expensive brand as compared to other sunglasses brands available in India. Despite the fact, Ray Ban is much frequently searched product due to its following features:

  • Higher UV ray protection in the lenses.
  • Polarized sunglasses – to block the reflecting light
  • Strong , flexible, light frames  due to carbon fiber
  • Use of flash lenses- bold colours
  • Wide range of colours and styles

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