Top 10 best Spa resorts in India

What comes into your mind when you hear the word ‘Spa’ ? It will conjure an image of long leisure lazing vacay surrounded by the fragrance of aromatic flowers & groves, detox massage and therapeutic oils and scented cinnamon candles, or a wave of soothing relaxation passes through your senses enticing and transporting you to an idyllic paradise altogether ! These are few certain emotion which almost very person will get to encounter in the back of his/her mind while thinking about spa.

Spa is an exquisite & realistic pampering of oneself indeed. Its benefits are immense and creates deep ripples at all three levels mind, body and soul. Hence, evoking serenity and bliss in the inner and outer self.

With time evolving there are various spa types like Day spa, Destination spa, Resort and Hotel spa, Mineral Spring spa, Medical spa, club spa, Crusie ship spa, Boat spa and many other. All reiterating a single outcome “utter refreshment and ease”.

Here we will discuss India’s some of the very extraordinary sojourns, ‘luxury spa’ where dwells rich & enthralling experiences that hold great potential to revitalize mood and wellness.

We are chalking out the list of top 10 best spa resorts in India, for you to make an informed choice and thus, enjoy every bit of its experience to the core.

10. Suryavilas spa

surajvilasSituated from about 60kms from Chandigarh, Suryavila spa is a perfect retreat fused with tranquility and wellness surrounded by a pristine ambiance, is one of the best spa in the country that exemplifies a mindful & poised self, resulting from an enriching spa it offers.

With clinically tested, certified and under the guidance of highly qualified professionals various packages of the spas have been designed to maintain inner resilience & promoting felicity. Suryavilas stands number tenth in the list of top 10 best luxury spa in India.

9. Jiva spa (Taj Lake Palace)

taj-lake-palacespa-jivaJiva spa cocoons in the rich and regal national heritage & royalty site that facilitates classy spa and beauty treatment packages under the banner of Taj Lake Place group,India.

Very popular boat spa can be enjoyed at its Udaipur hotel, along with various spa facilities, etiquettes, gourmet cuisine and other fine delicacies to rejuvenate the senses.

One can rejoice at this award winning ravishing retreat with a wide array of its spa , at taj group of hotel’s spa “Jiva”.

8. Ramsukh resort spa

ramsukhresorts-&-spa-logoNested in a very beautiful place which defines refreshment aptly, Mahabaleshwar, the ‘Ramsukh resort spa’ is one-of-a-kind spa in the country which is professionally operated by the renowned ‘Kare spa’.

It offers outdoor as well as the indoor spa, with well managed and hygienic wellness centre. The resort offers therapies, beauty treatments, scrubs, detox plans, body wraps and lots more mystic to unleash ensuring soundness that luxuriate tranquility and restful state of mental, physical composure.

Ramsukh resort spa stands number eighth in the list of top 10 best luxury spa in India.

7. Riverview resort SPA (Leisure group of hotels)

leisure-hotelsUnder the flagship of leisure hotels, the Riverview spa at Nainital, is an excellent place to drop in if are looking for exquisite green surrounding and one of the best therapeutic treatments with a fusion of combining Oriental and Western practices.

Riverview resort spa stands number seventh in the list of top 10 best luxury spa in India.

A plethora of treatments, scrub packages, massages, therapy, exotic baths, body wraps are offered here which are relaxing to the core makes one feels having visited an idyllic paradise.

6. Sereno spa (Park Hyatt)

park-hyattNothing better when you are holidaying at Goa and looking out for peaceful poise through “Sereno spa“.

Under the flagship brand of Park Hyatt Hotels, this spa caters with ancient ayurvedic and yogic healing traditions creating bliss at all three realms body, mind and soul.

Park Hyatt’s Sereno spa is spread over 36,000 sq ft in an area with beachfront garden is very soothing and radiates high energy and healthy aura. Blending ancient techniques and modern knowledge Sereno spa revitalizes with its tremendous wellness packages.

In the year 2013 it had won the “Best Destination Spa” at the Conde Nast Traveller India Awards.

5. Angsana spa

angsara--Angsana spa is situated in Bangalore and offers one of the most refreshing spa.

Uniquely-tailored spa treatments combined with aromatic essential oils, natural body conditioners and polishes. It has tailor made blooming flower employed as an immense key assortment at Angsana spa.

Angsana spa has secured the fifth position in the list of top 10 best luxury spa in India.

4. Maya spa (Zuri hotels)

maya-spaOne looking for pampering of the body and soul, Maya spa is the most apt destination to visit.

Part of Zuri group of hotels and resorts, Maya spa is luxurious and offers a great assortment of therapies and wide variety spa treatments that are enriching and empowering.

Maya spa is situated at Bangalore and nationally reputed spa in the country, stands at number fourth in the list of top 10 best luxury spa in India.

3. Kayakalp spa

kaya-kalpKaya Kalp is a sanskrit word which means rejuvenation of body, mind and soul. It is a part of the acclaimed & regal ITC group of hotels at ten different centres, having a spa wing ‘Kaya Kalp’ under its status quo brand.

Kaya Kalp offers an exotic array of spas which  Invigorate and empowers a deep sense of calmness with awareness, naming few like exotic pomegranate spa journey, passage to India spa journey, gemstone massage etc.

Not only the spa here is relaxing but is designed to deeply awaken spiritual sense.

2. Ananda spa

anandaAnanda spa is 2015 award-winning destination spa by Conde Nast Traveler, which lies in the Himalayan foothills surrounded by Sal forest, nearing the spiritual city Rishikesh.

The spa features integration of holy traditional Ayurvedic practices, Yoga, Vedanta, while balancing with the international wellness experiences, fitness and health organic cuisines towards the restoration of balance & harmonize energy.

Ananda spa helps in de-stress, cleansing, detoxification thus promoting deep relaxation and a perfect guide towards a better lifestyle.

1.Wildflower Hall spa

wildflower-hallA part of Oberoi Group of Hotels, Wildflower Hall offers exotic and exclusive spa along with massage, yoga and Ayurvedic treatments that Rejuvenate oneself holistically. The resort has got a magnificent view across the Greater Himalayas.

Wildflower hall spa features some very unique therapies like:

  • Signature indigenous rituals
  • Massage therapies
  • Revitalizing body therapies
  • Skin and nail care
  • Therapies for gentlemen
  • Ayurvedic therapies
  • Speciality baths

Whatever the spa package one happens to book here at Wildflower Hall, harmony and nourishment are sure promise to be kept by them.

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