Top 10 best Shaving Creams in India

There was a time when words like ‘beauty’ & ‘grooming’ were only women centric niches. But these terms have become well synonymous with men too in today’s arena. With the influx of time, numerous male personal care products have resulted in men becoming keen & extremely conscious about their looks.

Shaving creams are perhaps the most essential part of a man’s personal care kit. Though there will be ever changing trends & choices by an individual of beared keeping or keeping it clean shaved, when it is about adopting a sophisticated look, clean shave always earns an edge over other styles. People tend to  select a shaving cream based on their requirements and skin type.

There are various brands offered in the markets which promises to deliver the right value for its price and expected results. Here we have discussed the list of Top 10 best Shaving Creams in India, so that you can pick out the best suitable brand for yourself.

10. Godrej Shaving Cream


A unique experience is what you can get with Godrej Shaving Cream. Enriched with a combination of Lanolin, PEG 30 and Glycerin this is a product which will suffice your daily grooming at a very economical rates. The rich lather gives you a smooth shave and let you experience softer, smoother & cleaner skin like never before.

Being one of the oldest shaving cream that has existed in the Indian market, it has garnered the trust of millions of people.

9. Nivea Shaving Cream


Placed ninth in the list of Top 10 best Shaving Creams in India, Nivea as a brand & also as a product is par excellence.

The base of this shaving cream ensures to give you soft & subtle skin after. The creamy microfoam containing Vitamin & Sea Minerals that quickly softens the beard hair, prevent razor burn, provides a gentle but close shave and to keep the skin supple & looking healthy.

Nivea shaving cream ensures easy razor glide and is dermatologically approved and hence, suitable for nearly types of skin types.

8. Vi-John Shaving Cream


Vi-John has emerged as a giant in manufacturing unit catering to segments of personal care products, health care products, including shaving creams.

From sensitive hard skin, lime, menthol, the brand offers a premium quality of shaving creams. Their consistent quality has a presence in the market for four decades as one of leading FMCG companies in the country.

Other related personal care products like after shave lotion, shaving foam, cologne, shaving gel etc. are also in the cradle of the company’s offerings.

7. Park Avenue Shaving Cream


Park Avenue is a brand of J.K. Helene Curtis Ltd, which operates under the aegis of the Raymond group, synonymous with grooming and toiletries ever since 1964.

Park Avenue is all about the alpha man and his grooming needs. The Park Avenue shaving cream contains unique formula enriched with skin moisturisers which produce a thick rich lather and protects your skin from razor burns, skin protecting elements with menthol and perfume to keep your skin cool and fresh.

The product is useful in removing Dryness & roughness of the skin, and also it protects from germs. The USP of the brand is its quality and the international stamp of the fragrances used.

6. Old Spice Shaving Cream


A part of P&G group, Old Spice stands sixth in the list of Top 10 best Shaving  Creams in India. It has a huge reliability in the Indian markets.

This real royal and elegant cream will give a royal shaving experience & a lingering fragrance. Its rich lather forming foam to feel a gentle touch to skin after shaving, one can get good spreadable even in any hard water. The use of this shaving cream leaves you fresh and cheerful all day.

5. Axe Shaving Cream


Axe shaving cream, which stands fifth in the list of Top 10 best Shaving Creams in India ensures stimulates your senses all day long. It blends citrus swirls and musky scent, keeps your skin fresh & clean.

Its rich creamy lather creates a moisturising foam making it easier for you to shave that rough patch of stubble from your skin & mesmerise your senses. Enriched with moisturising ingredients that leaves your skin irresistible to the touch. Its smooth astringent also helps in preventing infection from cuts after shaving

4. Biotique Shaving Cream


Biotique Shaving Cream helps in maintaining the natural moisture balance of skin with its rich emollient cream, that softens your whiskers & conditions skin for a friction-free and moisture-balanced skin.

The extremely smooth rich texture of lather is formed with this product and most importantly it doesn’t leave your skin dry after shave. Biotique Shaving Cream’s mild and fresh fragrance which works well on all skin types.

This product fulfils all the four essential traits of a good shaving cream viz. shaving cream lubrication, hydration, healing and lastly the fragrance.

3. Palmolive Shaving Cream


Palmolive Shaving Cream has secured the third position in the list of Top 10 best Shaving Creams in India, next bestseller that gives best results at a very economical price in the markets.

Its extra moisturising & lubricating lather consisting of refreshing palm extract will help to keep your skin feeling smooth and supple after your shave. The lingering scent & overall effect is highly pleasing and calm.

The lather is slick, cushioning, long lasting providing you a great appeal. No shaving connoisseur should neglect to try this humble yet fabulous product.

2. Dettol Shaving Cream


Dettol is one of the most trusted brand in India, which was launched in the year 1933, and ever since has been the premium standard of protection. The brand had entered the markets with its ‘Dettol antiseptic liquid’, and now stands as one of the most reputed and highly recommended brand by the doctors for health care, and promoting physical well-being globally.

Dettol Lather Shaving Cream comes with various fragrance and is specially formulated skin care products for everyday use. Dettol shaving cream, gives you the goodness of rich lather that provides you a close and smooth shave. Great fragrance to start the day with Dettol shaving cream also protects you from nicks, cuts and razor burns, leaving your skin clean and smooth.

1. Gillette Shaving Cream


Gillette shaving cream stands number one in the list of Top 10 best Shaving Creams in India.

Gillette is a master when it comes to shaving needs and makes sure that this foam provides a smooth and comfortable shave anytime you want. The foam base ensures you a protective shield in between the skin and razor so you’re free from skin irritation and razor burns. Its lubricants protection on your skin, provides you a superb & comfortable shave.

The product’s effective lubricants enhance razor glide and protect against nicks, redness and tightness. Its beard-hydrating agents & lubricants softens facial hair and ensures razor glides dramatically to reduce the cutting force.

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