Top 10 best Room Heater brands in India

Room Heaters are perfect rescuers from the chilly and cold climate, ensuring to warm up your living space and room temperature. These comforters of the highest order, is a must-have household appliance during winters that also keep humidity level of the room in control.

Room heaters have a huge demand in the Northern parts of India, playing a great role as a support system when mercury dips in. Also termed as space heaters, these are available in different varieties like the Carbon based, Convection, Fan room heaters, Gas heaters, Halogen heaters, Infrared heaters, Oil filled room heaters, Quartz heaters, Radiant heaters etc. Of which the most preferred ones are fan heaters, Infrared heaters and halogen heaters, pertaining to its benefits.

Pilling under the blanket, combating the wintry span with stacking up all woolen clothes is possible to some extent, but room heater takes in consideration your health concern, keeping your fitness intact. The next important thing is to ensure that you choose the right brand that suits your home needs. There are certain factors that must be kept in mind while buying a room heater, such as:

  • Room Size
  • Wattage
  • Thermostats
  • Automatic On-Off Switch
  • Power Cord Length
  • Handling and mounting
  • Power efficiency

There are many Room Heaters brands that are availabe in the market, where each model of any brand carry unique specification and attributes. But there are features which separates the best brands from the rest. Though these appliances will add up to your electricity bills in winters but they are actually worth it, as it acts as a savior & companion in harsh winters. Whether you find it more comfortable to buy it from a brand’s official merchant site or any online shopping websites, room heaters are easily available in the marketplace. We have reviewed the list of Top 10 best Room Heater Brands in India, that enables you to make a better and informed choice.

10. Oreva

orevaThe parent company of this brand is Ajanta Manufacturing Limited which was  founded in the year 1971. A very popular manufacturer of LED lights in India, Oreva offers high-quality room heaters at affordable prices and diverse ranges. This reputed brand offers an entire range of home electrical solutions and consumer friendly appliances.

Securing the tenth position in the list of Top 10 best Room Heater Brands in India, Oreva’s room heaters are available for online and offline purchases. Oreva’s room heaters can prove to be a fair companion during biting cold climate.

9. Maharaja Whiteline

Maharaja WhitelineThe brand Maharaja Whiteline was established in the year 1976 and is among one of the most reliable brands when electrical home appliance is concerned.

The brand offers a wide range of room heaters which are at par with the international quality standards and vary in wattage and capacities. Maharaja Whiteline’s room heaters are stylish, durable and carry ISI certification that ensures safety of its users.

Its halogen heaters are promising and low on expenditure. The other best selling heater models of this brands are Torrid, diva, Star, Cosy, Lava etc. The brand offers efficient in performance room heaters at very competitive price range. The brand has been placed ninth in the list of Top 10 best Room Heater Brands in India.

8. Morphy Richards

Morphy RichardsA name synonymous with trust spanning since 80 years, Morphy Richards is a trailblazer brand in the electrical home appliance segment in the Indian market.

During teeth chattering winters nothing is more warming and comforting than a perfect room heater and Morphy Richards is the name that serves your needs fairly well.

Sporting superior, modern body frame & premium looks, sturdy built this brand offers room heaters that are high in function and adorn your room’s decor. Making your room bask in the warmth of warm waves, Morphy Richard’s room heaters are silent in operation, mobile and allows you to have ambient temperature control with its adjustable settings button.

Proving to be one of the best companion during winters, the brand fits well in every budget will almost make you forget that its cold outside. Few of its most promising models are OFR series, Maisy, Tipsy, Daisy etc.

7. Nova

NovaSeventh rank in the list of Top 10 best Room Heater Brands in India, has been secured by Nova.

Nova is an esteemed brand was founded way back in year 1975, and has been one of the leading player ever since then. The brand offers a variety of options in the range of room heaters which can be selected by individuals suiting as per the requirement.

Nova’s room heaters carry features two heat setting, auto thermal cut, advanced heating technology, mobility etc. The brand ensures safety, mobility, durability and reliability with all its room heater models.

6. Crompton Greaves

Crompton GreavesSixth  in the list of Top 10 best Room Heater Brands in India stands the pioneer brand in the Electrical appliance & home appliance segment, Crompton Greaves.

This brand offers a great deal of room heaters which are ideal for winters and are power packed with multitude of features & specifications such as three heat settings option, adjustable thermostat, castor wheels, inbuilt heat convectors etc.

This top notch brand lets your enjoy winters in cozy and warm surrounding, with its wide array of ISI certified room heaters. This revered brand has strong international foothold with its excellent electric and advanced consumer appliances.

5. Havells

havellsHavells is the next most trusted brand, securing the Fifth position in the list of Top 10 best Room Heater Brands in India. This multi dollar company manufactures a great deal of products ranging from diverse categories. Its room heaters are affordable and infused with latest technology and great designs.

Havells room heaters carry sleek designs and wall mounting arrangement, that gives you an option to fix the room heater in any dimension of your room. The brand certainly pays you the right value for the price you pay.

4. Warmex

warmexWarmex offers a fascinating collection of electrical home appliances including room heaters in India.

Its product are designed in a way that ensure excellent performance and is energy efficient. Keeping your environment cozy and letting you to breathe in the air of snug, Warmex offers room heaters are a power-packed combo of functionality, beauty and cost-efficiency.

This brand has secured the fourth position in the list of Top 10 best Room Heater Brands in India.

3. Usha

ushaUsha stands third in the list of Top 10 best Room Heater Brands in India.This well established brand offers a gigantic range of home and electrical appliances, which are warranted and carry ISI certifications.

It room heaters vary in different power mode and exhibits features like 70 degree wide angle oscillations, remote/mechanical control operations, power indicator LED light, carry wheels, mounting fascility in most of its models.

This household name showcases as many as 25 room heater models so that you can choose from a wide variety of options under a decent price range. The brand is renowned worldwide with the kind of quality and technology it adopts in manufacturing their frontier productline.

2. Orpat

orpatOne of the oldest brands prevailing in the Indian consumer electrical and home appliance market, Orpat was incepted in the year 1939. The brand manufactures a line of consumer related and electrical appliances in the market ever since.

Its room heaters make your winters warmer and pleasurable. Naming few of its top selling models like OPH 1210, OEH 1250 and OEH 1220, the brand has reached high in terms of consumer popularity in India.

Orpat proves to be a great household selection with its features like economical pricing, high performance and zero compromise in quality. The brand has secured the second position in the list of Top 10 best Room Heater Brands in India.

1. Bajaj

bajajAcing the list of Top 10 Room Heater brands in India, stands Bajaj’s room heaters. This familiar name in home appliance and consumer electricals was founded as a brand in the year 1938 and has been serving with its exclusive products to the entire nation & abroad till date.

The unique feature of Usha’s room heaters is its low on noise and environment safe technology. Most of its room heaters carry features like rotating wheels, low on noise, three-heat setting, adjustable thermostat, less power consumption and thus energy efficient. Bajaj offers several types in this product line, like Halogen heaters, Radiant room heater, Fan heaters etc.

This coveted brand offers some of the best range in room heaters, naming a few like Bajaj Majesty, Bajaj  Blow Hot and Bajaj RX 10 etc. Stylish in looks, high on performance Bajaj’s room heaters are the best home appliance when you are looking for overall brand reliability.

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