Top 10 PHP CMS (Content Management System)

A content management system (CMS) or specifically a web based CMS, is a tool that allows technical as well as non-technical person to create, edit and manage contents of a web portal.  The contents could be a text, image, graphics, video etc.

Usually a content management system comes with a set of ready to use templates whose functionality can be modified by the user. Some developers offer a Web based GUI to access these framework online, using any web browser available in the market.

Apart from publishing and editing, a CMS can also handle other tasks meant for search engines and users:

  • It helps you to add meta details to the page, that helps search engines and users to understand your page easily.
  • It automatically generates the navigation system (in blog layout only).
  • The basic functionality of the system could be enhanced with the help of additional plugins or add-ons available on the developers site.
  • The system also provides a mechanism through which the audience can be categorized in different categories and are allowed to access limited part of a portal based on permissions.

Now, as we are talking about specifically a PHP based CMS, so lets discuss a bit about PHP. As you may already know, PHP is one of the most powerful server-side scripting language which is an open source and is available for free of cost.

Please find the list of top 10 of those CMS below:

1. WordPress

wordpressWordPress tops the list of top CMS’s in the world. It is a PHP based MySQL backed-up CMS, which was first released on 27 May 2003. It is estimated to be used in more than 23% of the top 10 million websites, and that number is increasing every day.

Its the ‘ease of use’ that makes this CMS different from its counterpart. There are more than 35,000 plugins available in the wordpress store that may enhance its functionality in the go.

The system comes with inbuilt themes which can be easily customized and are flexible. Many third party developers have created nice looking themes for wordpress which may be bundled with an array of features. WordPress is best suited to develop a blog related site.

WordPress is suitable to create a small website to a large one with thousands of pages and “e-commerce” functionality.

2. Joomla

joomlaJoomla is the second most popular content management system. This CMS is especially designed for creating the websites. It can be used to create a fully functional, feature rich websites that a large organization or any online business needs.

Like its successor Joomla uses PHP and MySQL and its first version was released in 2005. This open source software has a dedicated security squad team that handles all the security related issues reported to them.

Along with that, joomla also provides a security checklist for its users which could be downloaded from Joomla Security Checklist

3. Drupal

drupalNext on the list is “Drupal”, an open source CMS which was released in 2001. It is a PHP based content management system that is available in multiple languages.

Today, more than 2.1% of the websites are powered by Drupal. Even some of the large corporates and government sites are backed up by Drupal. It includes:, National Baseball Hall of Fame and MuseumThe Roman Baths,

4. PHP-Nuke

php nukePHP-Nuke is a PHP based Content management system backed up by MySQL. It allow users to create a community where author can post news items and other related articles which can be viewed and commented by the registered users.

This community based CMS was originally designed by Francisco Burzi.

5. Concrete5

concrete5Concrete5 CMS allow users (registered or unregistered) to edit the content of the page directly from the page itself. This CMS was designed to let the non-technical person create or edit their page with ease.

This in-context editing does not require any sort of web editor software or any specific interface. The template itself adds areas inside the page where users can insert their blocks of contents. This block may contain different types of items ranging from a simple text to an image and even a slideshow or a commenting system.

Concrete5 has a ‘Marketplace’ where users may download plugins to enhance the functionality of a system.

6. Contao

ContaoContao is another most powerful content management system (CMS) which is available in more than 24 languages.

The program is written in PHP and was first released in 2006. The system has a feature through which people with disabilities can also use it.

7. CMS Made Simple

cms-made-simple“CMS Made Simple” is an open source, platform independent content management system that allows content writers and developers to develop a website “on the go”. It is an award winning Content management system, which is built on PHP and backed up by MySQL.

It has a web-based admin module where users can make all sort of changes related to its working, functionality as well as its look & feel. Ready-made themes and modules can be used to build a feature rich portal.

8. Xpress Engine

xpress-engineXpress Engine is a free-to-use, open source content management system released in 2008. Like wordpress and joomla, it can also be used to create a community, portal, e-commerce or simply a content based site.

Add-on plugins could also be downloaded from its community to add features like email, social network, various commenting systems, editors etc.

9. Text Pattern

text-patternText pattern is another free CMS written in PHP language and is backed up by MySQL database. The system was first released in 2003 by author Dean Allen.

10. Silver Stripe

silver-stripeSilver Stripe content management system has “out of the box” web based control panel that separates the work area for author and developers. The primary reason for such a design is, to reduce the complexity at the side of author and bring more flexibility to the developer.

This PHP based open source content management system runs on multiple platforms, including: Linux, Windows and Mac. It also supports an array of databases: MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL etc.

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