Top 10 best Photo Editing Apps for Android

Never was photography a trending fad, until the smartphones made it so. And with its rising trend, photo editing apps too have been gaining more popularity in the recent times. Well, the wish to not look picture perfect is remotely rare in the entire human species.

With the efflux of time, people’s sense towards photography is invigorating and also broadening due to the presence of virtual sharing platform & social media. Everybody wants to curate & showcase best of their photography skills, which backed by the much indispensable Photo Editing Apps. More often, it was the youth who showed much interest, but now with changing time there ain’t be anybody, who aren’t aware about the pros of filtering the images for a better look .

With umpteen number of apps soaring in Google Play, its obvious gets into mental tiffs as to which app to go for. In this article we would be discussing the list of Top 10 best Photo Editing Apps for Android, making things simpler for you choose.

10. Prisma

prisma.logoOffered by Prisma Labs, Inc, tenth in the list of Top 10 best Photo Editing Apps for Android stands Prisma. This free app will consumes as much as 12 MB space of storage in your android phone. Powered with a string of modern filters, patterns, embellishments, effects, the app is very much high key for the ones who wants to showcase photographs into pure art and ornated flair.

Prisma is the new age adaption of ancient artwork styles, which uses a blend of convolutional neural  networks and artificial intelligence, making your mundane photographs nothing less than any timeless and ornated vintage painting.

Giving off vibes of realistic digital painting, Prisma goes beyond basic filters and overlays to explore different layers of the image and which is nothing less than the masterpiece of Picasso’s brush strokes and Van Gogh’s imagination.

Prisma enables the user to go minimalist with its user-friendly interface, with which you can either click photos through the app or choose one from your gallery and then directly sharing on your virtual platforms. With features like 33 filters based on famous art styles, the app is much applauded for its creative & iconic indulgence.


vsco.logoVisual Supply Company, usually known as VSCO, is a pioneered photography-centric app that offers high-quality photography filters which are though obscurely named, but offers upbeat & out of the box filters, where tonality is a plus.

The app boasts as one of the largest photo community virtually, VSCO app is the answer to photo fanatics who aspire to make your picture stand out from the rest. The app caters with the is best in camera module and photo-file handling than any other app.

VSCO Cam has a robust assortment of editing tools such as Exposure, Contrast, Straighten, Crop,  Sharpen, Saturation, Highlights Save, Sharpening Shadows Save, Color Temperature, Tint and Fade etc.

Honing superior mobile presets filters, useful asset-management options, photo library & advanced cameras controls, this app is rooted to provide tools for serious photographers.

8. YouCam Makeup

youcammakeup.logoThis app illustrates how perfectly technology can go well with fashion & style. The app harnesses to produce realistic cosmetically portrait images in just real time.

Youcam Makeup app is widely preferred among the makeup freaks as virtual beauty kit. One need not worry if you are sans makeup, because the app alone beautifies all faces in your photos with new multi-face editing technology.

With Youcam Makeup one can just expect a complete makeover that you thought was never possible with just an app. It also have features a reckoner for luxury makeup guide & ideas in action.

From various hairstyles, lipstick, eye makeup, teeth enhancement, blush and what not to count on! this app is a soul saver & partnered by fashion & beauty bloggers and now by women at large.

Youcam Makeup also features Selfie cameras, Halloween makeovers, Beauty Circle Social Community, Face an Skin Editing tools and other fashionable makeover accessories.

7. Aviary

aviary.logoNext app in the list of Top 10 best Photo Editing Apps for Android, stands Aviary.

Appointing a lots of tools which powered by Adobe Typekit, Aviary is a one stop hack for any kind of photo editing need. The app is a formidable kit of photography zealot which is packed with surprisingly capable functionality like drawing, blemish removal, colour correction balance and other Image-editing tools.

It hosts features like One-tap auto enhance, Filters and Frames, Fun stickers, Crop, Adjust brightness, Contrast, Color Temperature, and Saturation, Sharpen and Blur, Tilt Shift, Cosmetic tools and lots more.

Long press on photo shows you different options related to editing, sharing or saving which is a plus.

6. Pixlr

pixlr.logoOffered by Autodesk Inc., Pixlr app unleashes your creativity like never before. Formerly Pixlr Express, this app lets you create a collage, amplify the image tone & effects, add double exposure and highly defines snaps from the rest.

The app lets you experiment with numerous effects combinations & stunning art features through a variety of tools, edit options such as crop, auto fix, brightness, color splash, doodle, history brush, borders and stickers & red eye reduction etc.

The app is most suited for photography enthusiasts, which features a robust control options, paired up with an interface that is very easy to navigate and user-friendly. Pixlr also facilitates easy sharing on social media sites.

5. Photo Editor Pro

photoeditorpro.logoCreated by Zentertain, this app stands fifth in the list of Top 10 best Photo Editing Apps for Android. Photo Editor Pro, is a comprehenssive photo editor catering you way more than your possible imagination.

It offers a pool of professional & responsive resources such as visual effects, stickers, magic tools (auto levels, sharpen, blur, etc.), color splash, lens boost, rotate, crop and even sketches.

Photo Editor Pro is the most suitable image editor for amateur photographers who intend to apply effects, filters, frames & stickers without much hassle.

4. Cymera

cymera.logoThe creator of the app is SK Communications and this app is the next best choice which offers dynamic editing options & flaunts as an “all- in-one beauty camera”. Powered with professional 130 filters and makeover tools, Cymera is just the thing if  you were looking to add freshness to your photos.

Cymera also features a variety of fascinating camera lenses, collages, no-crop instafit feature, 15 new designs of watermarks, Trendy stickers, animal masks, light effects and lot more to offer. Its pathbreaking feature enabling the user to shape a dream body is its unique feature. Needless to say, technology has its perks too.

Cymera with its beautifying capabilities, extreme editing effect has been a choice of millions of users lately. It also offers four shooting modes for users to choose from, which is another plus.

3. Retrica

retrica.logoRetrica is another mindblowing entrant in the list of Top 10 best Photo Editing Apps for Android, which lets you feel your hands over a retro grade camera, majorly focusing on filters (80 in paid and 55 in free version).

The app offers a plethora of features where one can apply 125 real time tailor made filters, access to private album, convert your video in gif format, prepare a collage shot all ornated with a Retrica stamp watermark/ logo and other such optimal features that will pleasure up your photography & editing spree.

The interface of Retrica app is packed & designed to slather your phone with tons of interesting options.

2. Snapseed

snapseed.logoOne of the most coveted apps of all time, Snapseed is next in our list, which is  developed by Google. Carrying a knack of professional touch & a complete photography toolkit, this gesture-based interfaced app suffices it all. Aimed at more discerning photographers, and packs all of the photo-editing tools that you could want.

Users be at rescue to this studio app, which flaunts 25 different kinds of tools & filters enabling the user do fine tweaking & precise control while editing. This app makes use of selective filter brush & image using “stacks” to readjust your edits later.

Stocking up feature like RAW Develop, tune image, white balance, crop, rotate, perspective, brush, healing, zoom controls, HDR Scape, Lens Blur and much more impressive effects and myraid of adjustment combinations.

Recent updations of features like a histogram of images showing shadows, highlights and mid-tones on a chart, makes it easy for photographers to rely & get the much needed right balance of light and contrast in their photos.

This app is tailored more for people who are trying to add a certain level of polish and professional quality to their artwork.

1. Picsart

picsart.logoUndoubtedly, the most popular photo editing  app amongst all, unique app suite that carries  some rich array more navigating over the generic editing tools & attractive, Picsart it is. Most apt for users who take a deep plunge into artistic pursuits & bent of mind.

The app has an involvement in a lot of filters, where users can not only create & edit but also collaborate with lot of creative users in its virtual built-in community. The app comes great functionality, that you could ever expect of a mobile app. Picsart is free to use, but it also offers in- app purchases for stickers, clipart sets, frames, fonts. Not only the app edits your photos but transforms in to a masterpiece.

This powerhouse photo editor enbles umpteen creative & photographic controls which lets you draw, apply filters & frames, clone stamp, curves, masks, paste stickers, digital zooming with max ratio of 1:8 and artistic text on images. Thus, offering near-Photoshop-level tools in an app.

Picsart is an Editors’ Choice app whose editing module is divided into eight categories viz. Tool, Effect, Mask, Draw, Text, Callout, Lens Flare and Sticker. It encompasses a wealth of editing tools, like brightness, sharpness, saturation, white balance, ISO, cloning tool, precapture lighting effects, bokeh, clip art, 20 brush types, motion  tool, time lapse and burst mode.

Like most photo effects apps, you can snap a new picture or pull one from your photo library. The entire interface & the layout of the app is quiet appealing & comprehensive in approach. Those who love to curate jazzy album should certainly not give a miss to this app.

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