Top 10 Pet Dog Breeds in India

Needless to say, dog are the best pets one can have among all other animals. They are incredibly loyal, comforting, protective & intelligent all at the same time. Dog lovers know it well when we say that dogs provide good company as well as security to the family.

There are various factors on the basis of which dog breeds can be chosen from, like Temperament, Size, Energy level. Their dedication and love for the human race has always been highlighted, and so has been their faithful rescuing spirit for their masters in adverse situations.

Though most of the dogs popular with people in India are imported, there are a number of dog breeds found in India. And lately if you have been in a dilemma about getting a dog for your home but can’t figure out which to go for, this article listing the Top 10 Pet Dog Breeds in India might prove useful to you.

10. Pomeranian


One of the most adorably cute looking dog breed, also popularly known as the “Pom Pom” have toy-like looks. The breed is a direct descendants of the German Spitz type that weighs nearly 2-3.5kgs and has an average height of 5-11 inches.

Their built is compact yet sturdy, with fury body and a highly plumed tail, which Poms are well known for. However, they are heavy shedders of hairs, given the amount of coat density they carry. Thus, they need regular grooming & nurturing.

Poms are excellent home dwellers with very little exercises needed. They are a great companion to children and turn out to be a fair watchdog who is defensive against strangers. Poms stands tenth in the list of Top 10 Pet Dog Breeds in India.

9. Boxer Dog

boxer dog

Boxer dog is a medium-sized dog that has an active, fun-loving and bright personality. They have a speciality unlike other dogs, to stand on hind legs while combating with the opponent.

Weighing nearly 23- 34 kgs, Boxer dogs are a very intelligent, sporty dog which is very easy to train. This breed of dog has a large body and head, strong jaws and a square muzzle. It is gentle, friendly, quiet and protective by nature and is also used as a guide for blind people. It can be found in white, fawn and brindle colour.

8. Great Dane

great dane

Securing the eighth position in the list of Top 10 Pet Dog Breeds in India, Great Dane is a very obedient guard dog which can be trained easily because of its wit & intelligence. Perhaps, very friendly with children, people and other dogs.

It nears a lifespan of around 6-12 years and weighs around 46-90 kgs and has a height of around 27-34 inches. It is available in black, fawn, brindle colours.

7. Saint Bernard

saint bernard

Next on our list of Top 10 Pet Dog Breeds in India, is Saint Bernard. It possesses one of the most powerful muscular stature coupled with much gentle & dignified personality. But not to miss the fact that they are an amazing watch dog.

The height of this dog breed, grows somewhat near to 25-30 inches, and it weighs approx 60-90 kgs. Saint Bernard has an incredible sense of smell, and amazing sense of impending dangers, given their lineage and genetics.

Special care needs to be taken for his hairs, eyes and overall health, which is an errand that will have to be carried out by their master. They thrive well in cold climate and even with a bit of daily exercise.

6. Pugs


The first thought that would strike your mind when you see them is “so sweet!”. Yet another adorable breed, Pugs are much smaller in size, weight & height. In India they became more prominently popular after the telecom giant Vodafone featured a Pug in its campaign.

Pugs have enormous gazing bulgy eyes, stuby nose, chubby face, and a small curled tail which gives them a cherubic appearance. On an average a pug can weigh approx. 6-8 kgs & scale upto 15 inches, Pug’s life expectancy is upto 15 years.

This dog breed is low maintenance but the master needs to take good care of pug’s diet else they turn obese and dull.

5. Beagles


Beagles are small sized, calm temperament dog which one of the most popular dog breed in India and stands number fifth in the list of Top 10 Pet Dog Breeds in India.

This breed is smart, extremely friendly & goes well along with humans and other dogs also. Beagles require basic frequent care & nurturing like any other dogs do. Beagles have a sturdy built and are mostly active by temperament coupled with a cheery acumen.

They weigh around 20-26 kgs and has a height of 32-41 inches. It has a lifespan of around 11-15 years and is tricolour or white in combination with brown or black and tan in coat colour.

4. Labrador


One of the most playful, patient, protective & affable dog to pet. They carry an attribute of good stamina, strength & obedience endearing nature.

They are intelligent & take well to training, exercise. So its master need to be prepared to put forward some extra effort & time for them to run around & play. Labrador’s average weight varies from 25-35 kgs & height might grow as tall as 32 inches.

Labras have a playful high energy demeanour and behave well, & is protective to family and are welcoming to strangers at the same time. This breed need an hour of exercise is a must for labrador else they might become dull & destructive at home.

The coat colour of a Labra varies from black, chocolate or golden yellow. This breed has been placed fourth in the list of Top 10 Pet Dog Breeds in India.

3. Golden Retriever

golden retriever

Golden Retriever is a confident, loyal & a smart dog breed which is very popular pet in Indian homes.

Often portrayed as the most playful breed of all, golden retriever are very affable with family. This breed is obedient & very affectionate which needs heavy petting physical activity, in the context of brushing & caring. Golden Retriever has a water resistant coat, dense with straight or wavy outer coat.

Their long golden coats, require twice weekly brushing & 1-2 hour of daily exercise to maintain its beautiful appearance & wellbeing & grooming. The breed seldom makes a show of ferocity, thus carry a tolerant attitude.

This dog breed has an average height of 24 inches tall & weighs nearly 31-36 Kgs and life expectancy up to 12 years of age.

2. Rottweiler


Commonly known as Rotties, this breed dog are powerful in look, while devoted & lively in behaviour.

Because of Rottweiler’s muscular & stout built they are often preferred as the best guard dogs of all time. They gave an average weight of 41-60 kgs and an average height of 24-28 inches. They are quite easy to maintain, human-friendly and carries inherent desire to protect home, family.

This breed has a strange quotient for suspicion and hence is proactive in nature. Rottweiler have incredible endurance & strength, they are though ferocious but if petting is done & training is done they can be friendly too.

1. German Shepherd

german shepherd

First in the list of  Top 10 Pet Dog Breeds in India, German Shepherd or what they are known in common parlance, Alsatians, have also earned the top spot even in the hearts of man. Being a duo of gaurd dogs and a family companion, this breed is one of the most adorable dog breeds in India.

They are indeed human lover so much that they can even end up facing a separation anxiety. This dog breed is a heavy shedders & require grooming. German Shepherd scales from 55-65 cms height and 30-40 kgs in weight, while the breed has an average lifespan of 12 years.

Very easy to adapt and docile to be trained, German Shepherds are witty & sharp to fit well in the gaurding residences & protecting squad too. If you are looking for courageous, loyal ones this breed may be the dog for you.

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