Top 10 Pen Brands in India

The joy of writing doubles when you pick the best writing companion. In the olden days, it was the feather quill which was used as a writing instrument, which later developed its form with time, to serve the purpose of writing more efficiently.

With the era of digitisation, everyone prefers to use PCs, Laptops & other electronic devices for writing purposes. But the primitive tool, ‘pen’ hasn’t been replaced by anything even today. Pen makes the whole writing experience pleasurable.

May it be a businessman who uses a pen to sign deals, or a high school student appearing for an exam or a grandfather recording his family memoir for his generations to come, or an author writing the first manuscript of his debut novel; writing with pen has never been and will never go out of fashion no matter what heights the world transcends to. This practice will be intact for ages to come, just the form would take new shapes, patterns, designs etc.

There is a multitude of brands available in the Indian market which are world renowned for the unique features, quality etc. Picking out the pen that suits one’s writing style gives the writer a lot of confidence and power to express well. We have reviewed the list of Top 10 Pen Brands in India, to enable you to make the best choice.

10. Waterman

watermanThis brand is styled to surprise your senses, which lets you enunciate your imagination well in written form. Crafted & designed with ease, Waterman tickles your creativity to the highest level of writing pleasure. Waterman pens promote your articulation skills on paper joyfully.

The brand curated its first fountain pen in France by Lewis Edson Waterman in the year 1883. Waterman stands as one of the most reliable pen brand in the world. Some of its very popular pen collections include Edson, Elegance, Exception, Carene, Hemisphere etc.

The brand is designed to accessorise your imagination with fanciful musings. The brand holds an unparalleled history of turning writing into a special personal experience.

9. Nataraj

natarajOne of the oldest and best seller brand in India, Nataraj stands as the country’s biggest high-quality pencil maker & pen brand, which is also an exporter to 50 countries worldwide.

The brand was established in the year 1958, as Hindustan Pencils Pvt. Ltd., and is one of the most famous manufacturers of Pen in India. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing units with the latest machinery produce 1 million pens on a per day basis.

Nataraj has been delighting Indian customer with international quality and safety standard stationery products, which are available at a very competitive price in the markets.

Reliability is the hallmark of all the pens produced by the brand. Grippo fine, Allgrip, Super fine, Apace,  Allspark & Superx are some its famous pen models in the market.

8. Lamy

lamyLamy has secured the eighth position in the list of Top 10 Pen Brands in India. This pen brand was founded in the year 1930 by C. Josef Lamy in Heidelberg.

Lamy has demonstrated its innovation in pen designs ever since its inception. The brand annually produces more than 7 million pens which has global users. This brand is the market leader of Germany,  and has acquired a world status of a quintessential brand.

Its stylish designs backed with scientific technology, the approach makes the brand a world player like no one else. Lamy’s writing instruments have been winners of various awards on a global level.

Embodying the best German art & engineering design, Lamy defines a luxurious & a status quo brand. The brand is famous for its fountain pens, ball pens, propelling pens, ink rollerballs etc.

7. Camlin

camlinThe seventh brand in the list of Top 10 Pen Brands in India, stands Kokuyo Camlin Ltd.

Formerly known as Camlin Ltd., this brand is one of the most renowned stationery company in India. From pens, to pencils, crayons, paint colours, the brand is a leading a one-stop stationery solution provider.

Kokuyo Camlin pens have a sturdy body design, free-flowing ink that promotes easy & smooth writing experience. Kokuyo Camlin has received numerous awards and accolades. Some of its famous pen models are Exam gel, Trinity fountain pen, Elegante, Tora ball pen etc.

6. Sheaffer

sheafferSheaffer is considered as a top notch brand in India. This pen brand was founded by  Walter A. Sheaffer in the year 1913, whose parent body now is A. T. Cross Company.

The brand is a manufacturer of writing instruments, particularly luxury fountain pens. Some of its famous pen models are Legacy Heritage, Prelude, Stylus, Sentine etc. This brand stands sixth in the list of Top 10 Pen Brands in India.

5. Pierre Cardin

pierre cardinThis French brand avant-garde brand showcases some beautiful writing instruments in its collection, which was established in the 1960s. Pierre Cardin is a fashion designer and among his various businesses, this one being the most profitable business venture.

The brand is a perfect combination of timeless aesthetics, acquisitive designs & world class quality usages. Pierre Cardin is an epitome of excellence and designs. Antica, Veer, Mustang, Discovery, Monte Rosa, Voyage, Forever, Volga are some of the brand’s very popular pen models.

4. Pilot

pilotPilot is the widely known pen brand in India since ages. One can enjoy extra smooth writing experience, with none other than pilot pens. This brand also offers other related stationary products which are affordable, fashionable and helps you accomplish your writing tasks with class and ease.

Pilot pens have extra comfortable grip and sustainable ink refills which best suits your writing style, serving well the consumer’s writing needs. This brand has been a choice amongst consumer who wishes to write smooth with an assurance of quality and reliability. FriXion, Hitech point are the brand’s famous pen models in the Indian market.

3. Cello

celloThis brand stands third in the list of Top 10 pen brands in India. Cello writing instruments company was founded in the year 1995, and it entered the market with classic ball pens.

Cello pens come with advanced Swiss tips, revolutionary German ink technology that changed forever the way pen ink ran on paper, which is smear free, feather flo in nature. Thus, relishing your writing chores to optimum in a pressure-free way. Prism, Gripper and Crystal are few of its very famous pen models in India.


parkerSecond in the list of Top 10 pen brands in India, Parker Pen company, a sought after brand which was founded in 1888, by George Safford Parker. The legacy of this brand portfolio is very vast and regal since its inception.

This iconic brand still invades the hearts of many, with the kind of portfolio it showcases. Curated to deliver the best writing pleasure, Parker uses the innovative and patented 5TH Technology. Parker pens ensures to adapt every curve and edge of your handwriting and thus, making writing more than a motor errand but a divine practice indeed.

Edge Rollerball, Classic Century, Calais Chrome ball pen are some of the brands bestseller products in India.

1. Cross

crossCross pens are world renowned for the extraordinary quality it has got to offer & the brand has aced the list of Top 10 Pen Brands in India.

The brand was founded by jewellery maker, and it follows the enchanted paths of passion and creativity, to inspire a passion for writing with its writing instruments. Cross has always championed the pursuit of greatness since its genesis in 1846.

The brand is America’s oldest manufacturer of fine writing instruments and pen accessories. Some of the brand’s most popular pens are Classic Gold, Beta standard ball pen, Vector standard fountain pen, Jotter etc.

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