Top 10 best Music Streaming Apps for Android

Gone are the days when one use to listen to music on CDs, as after the emerging era of the mobile internet the ways of enticing moods by listening to music has shifted to online mobile streaming apps now. May it be India music or western, these apps caters with a huge collection of songs to choose from.

One can seamlessly listen to melodious music without having to download or purchase songs, and can also save some storage space on your device. Downloading songs create hassle, as you need to face annoying ads and you will click on all ads and connected links out of most of them are spams. Hence, better it is to rely on apps, which provide customized services when it comes to paid subscription plans.

With the ever increasing number of online music streaming apps available via the web and dedicated mobile and tablet apps, it becomes a tough task to choose the perfect online music streaming service that suits your needs. Here we have rounded up the list of top 10 best Music Streaming Apps for android enabling better musical experience by opting the right app that fits you the most.

10. Guvera

guvera-logoGuvera flaunts more than 30 million tracks licensed globally, it brings you the best music and entertainment experience.

Users can save their data charges too with Guvera’s caching technology, that stores songs after the first play to be listened to later, even when you’re not connected to WiFi to enjoy expert-curated playlists and genre-specific content.

Not only does it give access to national but international artist’s songs too. Guvera offers its paid members access to the latest, trending and localized music content, create an unlimited playlist with its social feature.

9. Apple music

apple-logoApple Music comes for non-iPhone users in 3 months free trails to play from over 30 million songs in the Apple Music catalog containing handpicked recommendations by music experts and tune into your favorite artists’ work, inspirations etc.

Tune into music, interviews, and exclusive radio shows or play radio stations created by the expert team. Apple Music app stands number ninth in the list of top 10 best Music Streaming Apps for android .

Browse and play the latest, greatest new music available. One can even sign-up or upgrade to a Family Membership, which allows utmost six family members to enjoy Apple Music together.

8. Shazam

shazam-logoShazam is one of the world’s most popular apps which comes with a great feature of instantly identifying music that’s playing and see what others are discovering in real time.

Simply log in to sync all your Shazams across all devices and one can stay in the loop with Shazam’s real-time charts listening to their favorite artists Hollywood and Bollywood.

One can listen to music by artists locally and around the world in the Explore tab, plus users can follow them to share in the thrill of discovery.

7. Raaga

raaga-logoRaaga is a free app offers unlimited songs in almost all languages and genre with high-quality music sound.

New Releases, Latest Hits and a enormous array of songs is what this app comes with. One can to discover and share music with millions of music fans and community worldwide with full access to the largest archive of Indian music available in over 20 languages.

The users can share and recommend their playlists with millions of music fans. Raaga holds the largest collection of devotional content and is quite a famous app when its about Indian music.

“Raaga Live” is a feature where you can listen to your favorite songs, albums, artists or genres 24×7 and it stands seventh in the list of top 10 best Music Streaming Apps for android.

6. Wynk

wynk-logoWynk Music is a free music download app with over 2.5 million songs collection of Indian and International music. The app is owned by India’s one of the biggest telecom vendor Bharti Airtel.

This is one of the best apps for listening songs online since it is advertisement free. Wynk app showcases a curated music library along with diversified playlists based on moods and genres.

This music app is best known for simplistic search or discovery of songs since it allows you to select the quality of streaming and sound and manual curation is what makes it different from the other apps.

Users can also subscribe to Wynk Plus, which is a paid service enabling you to enjoy free download of unlimited songs, without ads and high sound quality.

5. Hungama

hungama-logoHungama Music App provides free & unlimited access to songs, music videos & radio in various languages, is quite popular among the Indian users.

Delve into Hungama’s music collection library of 3 million songs & videos sweeping across a multiple genres. Users can get a full-scale access and enjoy your favorite music and videos seamlessly without any buffering.

Hungama app automatically downloads songs that you have played to enable their offline use as well, and has secured the fifth place in the list of top 10 best Music Streaming Apps for android.

4. Soundcloud

soundcloud-logoSoundcloud comes with tracks and artists from a variety of genres, albums, countries. One can even record and upload tracks and songs on Soundcloud.

Listen offline, go ad-free during online streaming of music and podcasts.

SoundCloud is a excellent place for finding new music from emerging artists. It allows you access to trending albums and audio tracks too.

Play, pause and skip tracks from a lock screen itself is a unique feature of the SoundCloud app. Famous worldwide stars have used it to premiere songs, or share works in progress.

3. Google Play Music

google-play-musicWith Google Play Music users can bring their own music collection by uploading your own songs. A brand product of Google where, users can then listen to music them across Android, iOS, and the web.

The app lets access to multi-lingual user-friendly interface. Google play music app has secured the third position in the list of top 10 best Music Streaming App for android.

Its Radio playlist is curated by experts for better music experience according to listeners music experiences and also it has a smart recommendation based on listener’s taste.

Instantly surf radio stations and song directory based on artists, songs, albums, or browse by genre, mood, activity are some of the features of this app.

2. Saavan

saavn-logoThis is one of the most popular music streaming apps in India, which offers unlimited, free access to all your music and audio content delivering the perfect music to suit your mood.

Saavn also lets you download the music for free for offline while online songs stream at 128 Kbps by default in its gigantic catalog includes 30 million tracks across. Users are required to upgrade to premium first 14 days, if one wishes to have unlimited downloads and other facilities.

One could get access to unlimited storage space for downloaded songs on up to five devices in your preferred language. Saavn has user interface is very user-friendly.

1. Gaana

gaana-logoGaana app has always been in limelights in India, with heavy promotion and branding strategy, caters with offering over 3 million songs collection, stands number one in the list of top 10 best music streaming apps for android.

Gaana app stands number one in the list of top 10 best music streaming apps for android.

Gaana’s design, interface and navigation is worth a praise. The automatic sync feature across various devices is a very useful feature of Gaana app and is also most preferred online media which is huge.

Its premium subscription of Gaana is also available that let’s you download unlimited songs and stream high-quality music without ads. Gaana’s built-in radio is quiet comprehensive as the streaming features across radio station based on the songs or artists you like.

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