Top 10 Best Mattress Brands in India

A good quality and comfortable mattress is must for healthy and blissful sleep. Also, the mattress should be able to give optimal support to the body at all contact points.

The Indian Mattress Industry has a huge potential and presently its worth is more than Rs 700 Crore. Its value is expected to cross the mark of Rs 1,500 Crore in the next five years.

There are many mattress brands in the country, which offers a complete range of mattress. This post describes about the Top 10 Best Mattress Brands in India:

10. King Koil

King Koil

10th position on this list is occupied by King Koil, a USA based mattress company incorporated in the year 1898. It offers mattresses under three different ranges, which are Luxuryline, Premiumline and Doctor Endorsed Series.

9. Rubco


Rubco is the next mattress brand on this list, which is owned by Kerala State Rubber Co-operative Limited. Rubco is known for offering mattresses for different requirements like luxury, therapeutic, conventional, etc.

8. Raha


Raha offers mattresses of international class and style and ranked eighth in the list of top 10 best mattress brands in India. Mattresses made by Raha uses spring system, that gives optimal support to the body at all contact points.

Latex Top is a variant of mattress made by Raha, which uses natural latex sheets and coir. Latex Sheets and Coir used in mattresses offer a great combination of comfort and health.

7. Spring Air

Spring Air

Spring Air is an American bedding product manufacturing company, which managed to capture a significant market share in a short span of time.

Stress Free Sleep, Pure Comfort and Shape Maintenance are benefits of Spring Air mattresses.

6. Snoozer


Launched in the year 1995, Snoozer is a premium mattress brand known for offering quality and stylish mattresses. Taj, Hyatt, Intercontinental and Marriott are some of the clients of Snoozer.

Ortho Firm, Presidential Suite and Posture Care are some of the variants of mattress.

5. Nilkamal


Nilkamal is not only a leading furniture brands, but also a popular mattress brand and occupied fifth position in the list of top 10 best mattress brands in India. Nilkamal Mattrezzz is the division of Nilkamal, that makes comfortable and quality mattresses.

Spring, Coir and Foam are three variants of mattress made by Nilkamal.

4. Duroflex


Full Prone Support (FPS) is a feature offered by Duroplex in its mattresses. This feature helps in providing optimal support to the spine, which is essential for sound sleep.

Duroflex mattresses use specially designed springs, which support body weight at different points and gives a comfortable spine position. Rubberized Coir Mattress, PUF Mattress, Spring Mattress and Luxury Mattress are variants of mattress offered by Duroflex.

3. Centuary


Centuary is a mattress brand of Centuary Fibre Plates (P) Ltd, which was launched in the year 1992. Centuary offers high quality and comfortable mattresses under different collections.

Wellness Collection of Sleepwell offer mattresses, which gives a combination of orthopaedic benefits and comfort. Ortho Spine, Zing, Viceroy Plus, Rejoyce and Visco Bond are some of the variants of this collection.

2. Sleepwell


Sleepwell is another strong player in this segment and stand at second in the list of top 10 best mattress brands in India. Sleepwell is known across the country for premier quality mattress, which gives blissful sleep everytime.

Sleepwell Mattresses comes with Health Free Technology, which prevents the breeding of bacteria, dust mites and fungi.

1. Kurl On

Kurl On

Kurl On is the leading mattress brand in the country, which holds the maximum share of this segment. Spring Mattress, Therapeutic Mattress, Coir Mattress and Foam Mattress are variants of mattress offered by the company.

Spring Mattress offered by Kurl On comes with features like Bug Lock, MSI Technology and De-stress. These features of the mattress give a sound and relaxed sleep.

Foam Mattress use PU foam, which is soft and supple and gives blissful sleep. Anti Dust Mite, Load Bearing and Anti Microbial are features of Foam Mattress.

Kurl On offers mattresses in more than 120 different configurations. The company has a strong network with over 7,000 dealers in the country.

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