Top 10 Masala (Spices) Brands in India

Spices play a vital role as an ingredient in almost every Indian cuisines. With different variety of spices each exhibiting unique taste, the masalas are either basic ones or blended ones, for that matter. Not that it only enhances the taste but also it adds the aroma to the food.

Spices have an ancient history, especially in Indian heritage where in every home, different spices and blends are used to create varied and distinctive tastes in dishes. It was long back when spices were manually grinded and blended for its use in cooking. But now with huge teeming demands the production style has adapted to be fully automated.

India has been cultivating spices since ages, exporting it to other countries as well. Masalas are generally made from seed, root fruit, vegetable or any organic compound, enhancing the cooking process, and adds rich colour to the food. Spices play an integral part, enhancing taste of the entire spectrum of home and professional cooking in India.

There are a multitude of brands available in the markets which one can go for. We have reviewed the list of Top 10 Masala (Spices) Brands in India, so that you no longer settle for anything less than the best in the market.

10. Nilon’s

nilonsThis brand stands tenth in the list of Top 10 Masala (Spices) Brands in India. Nilon’s Enterprises Private Limited saw its genesis with Mr S Sanghvi in the year 1962. The brand gained fame business by emerging as one of the largest producer of Pickle in the country.

The brand also is one of the biggest processed food company which also produces reliable masala under its banner. Some of its offering in the genre of masalas are basic spices like Jeera powder, turmeric powder, dry mango powder, Mirch powder and blended spices like Pav bhaji masala, Sabji masala, Chat masala, Chole masala etc.

9. Priya

priyaPriya stands to be one of the oldest and most reckoned brand in the Indian food industry. The brand is a registered trademark of Ushodaya Enterprises Private Limited which was founded in the year 1980 by the Ramoji Group. The brand progresses with the support of technology and advanced techniques which are HACCP accreditated.

Serving a good option as a premier brand,Priya masalas is a perfect treat for the taste buds to savour. Priya masala (spices) vary in types from pure spice to blended, powdered and whole spices.

The brand also offers pickles, single spice powder, masala powder, instant mixes, papads and snacks & commodities, all conforming to the food safety standards. Priya as a brand has won a lot of consumer confidence with its committed service to the food sector over these years and continues to be one.

8. Pushp

pushpNext brand in the list of Top 10 Masala (Spices) Brands in India stands Pushp, which was founded by Late Shri K Surana with humble beginnings in the year 1974.

Each blend of this spice brand adds a great taste to the food preparations. Its masalas are free from preservations, synthetic colours which is produced in fully automated plant.

Pushp spices is an ISO 9001, ISO 22000, HACCP Certified company. This brand’s masalas promises you to the goodness of health and exquisite flavours for Indian cuisines.

7. MTR

MTRMTR’s tradition of offering unmatched taste, quality & authentic spices for your tasting faculties began way back in 1924. The brand offers spices which is a unique mix to authentic flavour, aroma, taste to every homemade dish ranging from basic spices to mixed spices like Garam masala, Rasam masala, Puliogare powder, naming a few.

MTR spices are way lot different all generic masala brands that are available in the markets. The brand also offers many food products including spices, papad, pickles, ready to cook, frozen foods, instant mixes, milk beverage drinks, ready-to-eat curries etc.

This brand not only has gained a lot of attention in India but has a global footprint too. With the kind of innovation and the adoption of new technology, the brand stands as a pioneer in processed food industry.

6. Ramdev

The next masala brand in our list stands Ramdev Masala. Its products are promisingly fresh, hygienic and pure to the core. This popular brand has stood the test of time through the millennia.

Just a pinch of Ramdev masala will elevate the taste of your gourmet food. The brand transcends the borders with the quality, it serves international palates of nearly 23 countries other than India. Ramdev  as a brand is an ISO 22000-2005 food safety & HACCP certified company.

The brand offers a wide array of food items viz. Basic Spices, Premium Basic Spices, Namkeen, Asafoetida (Hing), Blended Spices, Instant Mixes, Papad, Premium Blended Spices, Indian Groceries, Pickles, Chutneys, Papad, Frozen Vegetables & Khakhra etc.

5. Cookme

cookmeCookme was founded way back in 1846, which opens up a variety of exotic blend of spices to add more taste to your food.

Preferred on a huge scale, within the last five decades, the brand is synonymous with exotic spices and masalas which cultures authentic taste and perfect blends.

The brand uses latest technologies automatic plant and machinery which enables processing and packaging of manufactured spices all in a hygienic way. Cookme produces AGMARK certified, quality-assured food products which are free from any kind of adulteration.

4. Eastern

EASTERNThe next most adored brand among the India consumers is, Eastern spices. The brand offers a diversified portfolio of masalas, spice powders, masala blends, pickles, ready-to-cook, whole seeds etc. Its aromatic spices are 100% natural from origin ,without any added preservatives or synthetic colours.

Eastern condiments stands as one of the most prominent market ruler today. The brand has literally been the best for its quality control and taste, which is quite evident with the certifications it enjoys like ISO:22000-2005, ISO 9001-2000 etc.

3. Catch

Catch-LogoThe next brand in our list of Top 10 Masala (Spices) Brands in India stands Catch spices. This brand is committed in providing the best consumable product which meets all food safety standards, since 1987.

The brand outgrown in popularity with its first flagship product ‘sprinklers’. All its produce undergo proper quality and nutritional checks to offer best products in the market.

Catch offers a complete set of assortment in composite cans, and variety of sizes served with the tantalising flavour and aroma of its spices like Sprinklers, Pure Spices, Blended Spices, Whole Spices and more.

Its first mover breakthrough was ‘Grinding spices on low temperature’ that ensures prevention of the vaporation of volatile and delicate oils from spices, thus keeping its original taste intact.

2. Everest

Everest_logoIt is the next best brand in the list of Top 10 Masala (Spices) Brands in India. Everest masalas give the curry a distinct aroma, taste and colour to a dish. Ranging from pure basic spices to blended ones, it has achieved a taste that meets the specific taste demanded by Indian cuisines since 45 years.

Everest masalas are widely available in almost every outlets across India and in more than 8 countries worldwide. It has won many prestigious awards including “Superbrand awards” for many successive years. The aroma, colour, taste and texture of the astonishing varieties of Everest masalas enlivens a rich variety of cuisines and cultures.

1. M.D.H

mdhThe trailblazer brand M.D.H is the oldest spice brand in the Indian market, stands for ’MAHASHIAN DI HATTI’. It’s spices are specially formulated to impart the genuine taste to various Indian food preparations.

The brand has a strong network of over 1000 Stockists and over 4 Lacs retail dealers in the last few years. MDH Today has a range of 62 products available in Indian as well as global markets, in order to cater the consumers of the world.

MDH Pvt. Ltd. owns five state-of-art plants & machineries for meeting the ever growing demand of populace. The brand adheres to the highest quality standards, hand-picked from the best sources in order to ensure a great product delivery.

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