Top 10 Luggage brands in India

Luggage is everyone’s need as the most valuable possession during travel for business or pleasure. Most luggage manufacturers take both form and function into account before making their products available in the markets.

One is certain to check for durability, resistance to wear and tear, weight and its capacity to fill in your belongings. It also depends on your need, whether you are looking for a “now time” economical luggage or a “lifetime type” investment, which will in a way make your notions clearer about what kind of product your are actually looking for in the market.

Also, adding to the trending inclinations of buyers, tapping on for style factor is another basis which one might check for. But some of the key factors that one must undeniably consider before buying luggage are:

  •  Texture type: Hard or soft case.
  • Compartments and pockets (interior & exterior)
  • Number of Wheels & trolley handle strength
  • Dimensions and expandability of luggage
  • Zippers and lock system
  • Warranty and Price

Shopping for luggage can be a daunting experience when you see how many brands are competing for your business. And these brand mostly do the same thing, with slightly different approaches.

Finding the brand you like before trying to narrow it down to the specific line of luggage may make it easier if you’re trying to shop for quality and reputation, rather than just price as a yardstick. Here’s a quick overview of some of the brands and the quality you can expect. In this article of Top 10 luggage brands in India, we would guide to choose from a plethora of brands the best pick suiting your needs well.

10. Hartmann

hartmannTenth in the list of Top 10 Luggage brands in India stands, Hartman which was founded in 1877. The brand has been making extremely well crafted fine leather goods luggage & travel cases which is renowned worldwide.

This heritage brand is famous among the affluent travelers, as the brand’s luggages have sturdy yet elegant designs, which is crafted by finest minds in the field. As travel has evolved over the time so has the travel luggage bags from primitive trunk suitcases to sleek carry-ons for today’s jetliners, which this brand understands very well.

For travelers seeking modern contemporary style with a touch of classic elements, Hartmann luggage is a must have thing. Bearing a hallmark of modern lifestyles Hartmann products are rigorously tested to ensure that the travel products you trust meet stringent standards.

9. Princeware

princewarePrinceware International Pvt. Ltd, is a 30 year old Indian brand that offers affordable, value-added luggage crafted varying in style, materials and design types. Lighter, sleeker and affordable, Princeware has set standards for quality, sophistication and Functionality.

The perfect choice for today’s Globe Trotter, Princeware’s travel gears let you discover hands on exhilaration. The brand makes sure to upgrade it’s product with continuous improvements. Some of its product line include luggages models like Evate, Pulse, Cruz, applaud, acumen, crest etc.

8. Tumi

tumiNext brand in the list of Top 10 Luggage brands in India stands Tumi, which is a 41 years old brand that has outlived many innovational boundaries in the world history. It was the first brand to introduce soft, ultra-functional travel bags which has truly catapulted the company to its current leadership in the market.

Tumi’s some of the famous travel accessory & luggage models are Spectra 2.0, Werks traveler 5.0, Lexicon 2.0, Vx one, Altmont 3.0 and other of which all are abrasion-proof.

It is the brand which is capable of bearing all the wear and tear of your journeys. Tumi’s luggage is lighter and stronger while offering increased packing capacity, sleeker profiles, smarter functionality and easier maneuverability.

7. Victorinox

victorinoxOne of the most trusted names in the luggage market on a worldwide map, stands Victorinox. This brand stands seventh in the list of Top 10 Luggage brands in India.

Luggage bags ranks on higher cadre with their strength and durability, which makes them more favorable than the other brands. Accommodating almost all of your items, Victorinox luggage are light in weight, tough, sturdy and easy to carry. The brand has innovated the luxury of travel experiences with its gigantic range of luggage bags for you to choose from.

6. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy HilfigerThe next best seller brand in the list stands Tommy Hilfiger, which not only is a trailblazer in the fashion industry for its breakthroughs but also in travel essentials segment. Travelers who want to make a style statement everywhere they go, Tommy Hilfiger is the answer to them.

Tommy bags are very handy and comfortable to carry which is possible with its quick release strap system. The brand enjoys extensive network for distribution in more than 30 countries, including India.

5. Skybags

skybagsA flagship brand of the VIP industries, Skybags are much in vogue these days with its trendy and cool designs. The brand offers many types of luggages types like cabin luggage, check-in luggage, or duffle bag etc.

Skybags has been a revolutionary travel gear that comes with textured finishing, this youth-centric brand was launched as an independent brand in the year 2011. Polycarbonate luggage bags are gaining a lot of popularity, with Skybag being the major promoter of such bags.

Whether its is about luggage suitcase, trolleys, rucksacks, backpacks, laptop bags, duffels the brand houses one of the best product line to stream in.

4. Delsey

delseyNext brand in the list of Top 10 Luggage brands in India stands Delsey, which has an expertise in the luggage industry since 70 years. This french brand offers an innate sense of style and durability in their luggage bags.

Its luggage features TSA combination locks, double wheels on every dimension, firm handles and lifters and numerous compartments. This top notch brand is synonymous with luxury in travel gears. Delsey has a widespread network of distribution channel in more than 110 countries including India.

3. Samsonite

samsoniteThird and the most popular brand of the recent times is Samsonite which has secured the third position in the list of top 10 luggage bag brands in India.

Founded in the year 1910, this international brand serves its customers to leverage the craftsmanship with some high-quality luggage solutions in more than 130 countries worldwide.

Samsonite’s luggage comes in a variety of finishing, designs, patterns ranging from brushed metals to different texturing which are both light-weight and durable. Crafted in nylon and polyester fabrics, Samsonite’s luggages flexible, resilient, and prepared for all the wear and tear of your journey.

2. V.I.P.

vipSecond in the list of Top 10 Luggage brands in India, stands as one of the oldest and the most renowned brand in India, V.I.P.

Established in the year 1971, VIP Industries Ltd. is now Asia’s No. 1 luggage  manufacturer and ranks second as the largest manufacturer of moulded luggage on global map. The brand is driven by the forces like innovation, technological advancements. This brand’s luggage offers unprecedented solutions in terms of design, utility and style.

V.I.P. offers a gigantic range of luggage types such as trolleys, suitcases, vanity cases, briefcases  duffles, backpacks, executive cases and other travel accessories. All its luggages undergoes rigorous tests of material, zippers, wheels and handles etc.

This world class travel partner has more than 8000 retail outlets and counting, across the country itself.

1. American Tourister

americantouristerAmerican Tourister aces the list of Top 10 Luggage brands in India. Founded in the year in 1933, this luggage brand is owned by the Samsonite group.

The brand offers moderate to expensive selection range for you to choose from, where every product that you happen to stumble upon defines well superior quality and class. Embedded with distinctive trails American Tourister is hugely reliable and often the first choice among routine international travelers.

Its bags are super spacious and carries TSA lock, backed by ultra light construction, 4 wheel spinner, safely zippered and sturdy design, American Tourister is the answer for a companion through long-haul to short journeys.

Live up all your leisurely travel pursuits fearlessly with urbane style American Tourister luggages. The brand dares you to stand out stand out with its product ranges like Bon air, Crystal glow, Pikes peak, Sunbeam and lots others.

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