Top 10 best Lipstick brands in India

It is no wonder that lipsticks have been a makeup tool & an essential daily wear cosmetic since time unbeknown. Lipsticks are a must-haves in every women’s makeup bag, which holds a potential to enhances one’s visage appeal. To most of the beauty bloggers and professional makeup artiste, lipsticks are the lifeline to facial glamour.

Lipsticks often have ingredients like wax, oils, antioxidants, emollients and pigments etc. There are many brands in the market today which also makes use of herbal ingredients, to suite the women with sensitive skin issues.

Covering the entire spectrum of colours, lipsticks in today’s times belongs to bold, dramatic and neon colour palette. Ranging from colours of red, pinks, brown, creme to orange, purple, blue; lipsticks are available in almost every possible shade that you could have ever imagined. The lipsticks come in wide variety of textures and forms, varying from creme, matte to powder and pearls etc. Often its according to the apparel, ensemble and occasions, that women coordinate their lip colours with.

Wearing lipsticks transforms one’s look and adds cheer to one’s personality. For most of the busy on-the-run urbane women would agree when we say, just a swipe of a lipstick and a little eyeliner defines a basic makeup. Not only it adds a tinge or a burst of colours but on the flip side it also hydrates and nourishes the lips too.

Today there are numerous national & international, pertaining to every type from matte to super gloss to luxury, which one can spot in Indian markets, whether online and offline. We have rounded up the list of Top 10 best Lipstick Brands in India, for you to pick out the best for yourself.

10. Avon


Tenth in the list of Top 10 best Lipstick Brands in India, stands Avon. Often pronounced as the supreme brand for beauty needs, this leading brand is world’s direct seller through more than 6 million active independent ‘Avon Sales Beauty and Fashion Advisors’.

It offers a wide array of cosmetic products in its catalogues like color cosmetics (including lipsticks), skincare, fashion products & fragrances etc. Adding the extra oomph, style and colour to your look lipstick shades, Avon lets you dictate your glamour aura like none other.

9. Chambor


Chambor the pioneer beauty house, has carried an expert legacy of fine cosmetic products ever since the year 1993. Ever evolving with the fashion and cosmetic technology the brand understands all your beauty needs and caters that very well too.

This brand from Geneva has set a strong foothold in the world of cosmetics under its renowned and classical beauty banner.

The brand offers long-lasting, waterproof lipsticks, with a creamy matte finish and smooth sensorial feel. Its plushing colour variants offers an ultra-moisture colour coating that lets you achieve a smooth & radiant finish. Inspiring you to live beautifully from the outer and within eternally, Chambor offers a colossal of beauty care range products too.

8. Colorbar


Next brand in the list of Top 10 best Lipstick Brands in India, stands Colorbar.

Founded in the year 2004, this lipstick brand is extremely popular among the urban women in India.Colorbar offers an entire range of beauty products including lipsticks, lip liners, gloss in the lips care segment. The happiest are the prettiest lips, with a smear of colour that can uplift your mood and boost confidence.

Colorbar’s lipsticks come in wide variety of shades and textures, varying from creme to matte to powder, lets you redefine your inner diva and embellish the countless unique moments in a woman’s life.

All its products are easily available across PAN India at around 50 plus exclusive Stores and 800 plus other outlets.

7. Oriflame

oriflameNext brand in the list of Top 10 best Lipstick Brands in India, is Oriflame. Underlining the feminine charm, Oriflame invokes your latent beauty, with its beauty products.

Offering a gamut of enthralling shades & forms of lipsticks, the brand adopts direct selling platform in the market since its inception. This brand from Sweden, has more than 40 years of experience, whose products that are consistently on-trend and meets global and Indian cosmetic needs.

6. Revlon

revlonThis 84 years old brand which started its business with the nail enamel, which has now this global brand caters you with all kinds of beauty needs such as makeups, hair colour, fragrances, skin care elements at affordable prices. Revlon has secured the sixth rank in the list of Top 10 best Lipstick Brands in India.

Helping you to seek your glamour quotient, the brand enjoys one of the strongest consumer brand franchises in the world. Revlon has been devising its palette of different lipstick shades and models every year to its collection.

Its global brand portfolio is showcased in almost 100 countries across six continents. Revlon is undoubtedly a trendsetter brand in the Indian cosmetic market.

5. Elle 18

elle 18Elle 18 is of the most trendy & funky brand known, which is popular among young Indian girls. This brand lets you accentuate your entire look with its excellent lipsticks and other beauty products.

Different tones and textures of lipsticks are offered by this brand, which lets you define your fashion statement. Elle 18, is a versatile brand offers a range of juiciest flavours, colours in lipsticks.

4. L’oreal

lorealThe next classic brand which stands fourth in the list of Top 10 best Lipstick Brands in India, is L’oreal.

For women who love to amplify their glamour quotient to the next level, then this brand is the one stop solution for them. L’oreal’s lipsticks spark up the elegance, grace within you, with the duo of freshness and femininity. L’oreal’s ultra-chic & discreet contrasting lipsticks are sophisticated, safe to wear.

Its rich colour formula lets every fashion freak women embrace their beauty by adding a boost of colour that jewels up your visage. Gold obsession lipsticks are its one of the bestselling series in the Indian market and other 140 countries.

3. Maybelline

maybellineMaybelline stands second in the list of Top 10 best Lipstick Brands in India. Its no doubt that the brand delivers an intense experience with its velvety texture and rich colour pigments coupled with a hydrating formula.

The brand is renowned in more than 129 nations worldwide, showcasing its 200 plus products in all beauty genre. Maybelline is ever adaptive with trends & technology in their formulas. It offers a beautiful palette of shades and the textures in their lipsticks

The brand is for women who believes in expressing her dimensional looks, moods and desires through a variety of colours she adorns.

2. Mac

macM·A·C is the leading professional makeup brand which has a forte of unrivalled expertise in makeup art worldwide.

The brand was launched in the year 1984 from a  counter in a Toronto department store, which has now reached to over 105 countries around the world. It remains committed to developing new categories, products and over 50 collections each year, keeping all its customers happy.

The brand is a cult which is always forefront in fashion. M·A·C offers amazing sets of flattering lipsticks makes your lips fuller, dramatic and huesome.

1. Lakme


First in the list of Top 10 best Lipstick Brands in India stands Lakme, the ally to many women on this planet and country’s first cosmetic brand in the market.

Lakmé inspires women to express and realise the potency of her beauty. Combining the technology with comprehensive beauty needs, its products are ideal for a variety of Indian skin tones. Lakme lipsticks are garnered globally for its super lacquer finishing, incredible gloss, sweet scent and pigment, which gives you a lustrous look.

The brand innovates to offer a wide range of high performance and world-class cosmetics, skincare products on a global scale, which is in service since 60 years.

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