Top 10 Kid’s Toys Companies in India

Toys indeed embark on a journey to bring iridescent ideas to younger ones. Its is a child’s first best friend right from their infancy. The most ancient toy in the history has been a doll. The ritual of playing with toys means enjoyment to children and on a deeper level, it’s a kind of primary life training and learning about the society & world around them.

Playing with toys helps kids to reinforce lessons, develop their practical skills, understand social bonds, learn cause and effect, unleash aspects of relationships, help them to discover their own identity and grow strong.

Toys teach kid’s things which probably parents can’t at the tender age. This educational hands-on tool which not only adds fun elements in a kid’s life but sharpens their critical thinking ability, evoke inspiration, expands the thinking zones, cultivate imaginative activity and develop interactive moods, playfulness & fantasy.

A wide array of toys and games are what all brands have offerings from their stores. Toys vary in designs, nature, kinds and materials in general. Keeping in pace with technology, there is interactive digital entertainment also which are made use of in curating toys.

Toys vary from age group needs and likes. Adding joy to the enthusiasm of kid’s, there are several brands prevailing in the toy industry in India, but only a few makes its presence in everyone’s mind. We have rounded up the list of Top 10 Kid’s Toys companies in India, for you to pick out the best for your kid’s to cherish the joy in their play.

10. Chicco

chiccoTenth in the list of Top 10 Kid’s Toys companies in India stands Chicco. Part of the Artsana Group, Chicco encompasses as a holistic one-stop solution as a kid’s toys & lifestyle company. The brand has stood the test of time for 50 years and showcases its high-end product range which is available in more than 120 countries worldwide.

Chicco develops in their toys a blend of real-world knowledge & cutting-edge research. The brand not only ensures the happiness but also is dedicated in best research in meeting the vital physical & psychological needs in a child’s growth phase.

9. Playmate

playmatePlaymate is a 50-year-old revered & one of the most innovative brand in the Indian toy industry. This international brand has its corporate offices located in Hong Kong and California from where it operates, designs, develops, markets and distributes its products in over 60 countries worldwide.

The key cornerstones of the company are creativity, flexibility and simplicity. The brand has successfully navigated with its promotion and distribution on a global scale. The bestselling toys of this brands include sub-brands portfolio of toys like Simpsons, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Star Trek, Waterbabies, Space Jam etc.

8. Mattel

mattelMattel Inc. is a public limited company, which was founded in 1945 & has its headquarters located in Califonia. Mattel’s popular products include Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots, See ‘n Say, American Girl, Toss Across, Matchbox, Magic 8 Ball, Uno etc.

This American multinational toys manufacturing company has ranked 403 in Fortune 500 list in the year 2014. Mattel has its presence in 40 countries and sells products in more than 150 nations.

The brand gained a lot of fame for its die-casts for cars, San Diego Comic-Con toys, Cars Toons, board games, and WWE Toys and lots more. This brand has secured the eighth position in the list of Top 10 Kid’s Toys companies in India.

7. Alex

alexThe Alex Brands family of brands comprises some of the most iconic, recognizable and award winning toys in the industry today.

With a commitment to helping children become uber active and develop their creativity and imagination, Alex Brands offers toys, games for children of all age groups.

It is since the year 1986, this kid’s lifestyle brand’s product line has been supplying quality toys, art supplies, crafts kits catering to from toddler to tween. Adored by children and trusted by parents, the brand is an emblem of classic and nostalgic fun. Innovative & high-performance toys collection are offered by Alex toy company.

6. Simba

simbaSimba revered brand stands number sixth in the list of Top 10 Kid’s Toys companies in India, was established in the year 1982 in Hong Kong, under the German parent company Simba Dickie Group.

Synonymous with unrestricted fun, for indoor as well as outdoor games, Simba toys ensures high quality, safety and an outstanding value for money. Simba Toys offers an extensive range of toys that delights child of every age group.

The quality and safety of each and every Simba Toy is tested in-house and by an independent accredited laboratory in accordance with statutory regulations which is laid by international toy standards. The brand exports its toys to almost 64 countries in total including India.

5. Funskool

funskoolThis Indian toy manufacturing giant was founded in 1987, as a JV between MRF Ltd. and American toy manufacturer Hasbro Inc. and has its headquarters based in Chennai.

Funskool (India) Ltd. enjoys a sizable share in the Indian toy market and one of its widely popular board game was Monopoly. The brand has been pioneering the concept of quality and safety in toy products which are currently exported to more than 9 countries.

With catering of the largest toy ranges, Funskool upholds the elite standards of quality and excellence and facilitate entertainment for both children and also the entire family. The brand enjoys a gigantic portfolio and have obtained affiliations & licenses from many international players to manufacture, distribute and sell international quality branded products in India

Funskool currently has six retail stores are fully operational in PAN-India, also the brand’s products are available for online purchase.

4. Hot Wheels

hot wheelsNext in the list stands the brand that will strike you instantly when you think of die-cast toys. The brand is none other than Hot Wheels, which is 48 years old brand which has its headquarters located in New York. A wholly owned subsidiary of Mattel since the year 1993, Hot Wheels stands fourth in the list of Top 10 Kid’s Toys companies in India.

Not only the brand has kid’s who enjoy playing with its toy cars but it is very popular among the adults too, who are fond collector of its cars.

Many automobile manufacturers have licensed this brand, to make scale models their cars and also permitting replicating the original blueprint and detailing. Thus, it’s evident the company has strong footholds in the toy industry on a global map.

3. Fisher-Price

fisher-priceFisher-Price is one of the most trusted toy brand globally, which ranks third in the list of Top 10 Kid’s Toys companies in India. This American company has its headquarters in New York, is operating since 1993 and has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Mattel now. Fisher-Price showcases today more than 5000 different toys ever since its inception.

Fisher-Price helps your child enjoy moments of childhood. Understanding the importance of any kid’s changing needs in accordance with his/her age is very important, and this brand excels at it.

From watching an infant’s delight while playing with a toy for the first time to helping a toddler ascend new milestones, to giving impetus to pre-schooler with his vivid imagination & fantasy, the brand takes cares of all.

2. Lego

legoLego is a danish word which means “Play well”, which indeed is a sheer experience to every kids who plays with its products. This 84 years old brand is owned by Kirkbi a/s (a joint stock  company) and Lego foundation, which is now handled by the founder’s grandchild.

The company saw its beginning from a small carpenter’s workshop which now has escalated as a global toy manufacturing enterprise. The lego brick, being the ‘toy of the century’ is its most popular toy product from its entire range.

The brand logo is quite familiar and is the epitome of quality and originality. Its products have undergone extensive developments over the years. The brand understands well the importance of  building and nurturing a child’s skills and overall development, with the help of plays.

1. Barbie

barbieFirst place in the list of Top 10 Kid’s Toys companies in India has been secured by Barbie. This brand manufactures world renowned fashion dolls since 1959.

Barbie offers primarily collectable dolls (which are miniatures depicting modern beautiful women), toys, and an entire array of kid’s upscale lifestyle products and merchandise like books, stationery, apparel, video games etc.

The brand has sold over a billion barbies till date, in more than 150 countries worldwide and enjoys a huge market share in India as well. Barbie toys lets your kid’s imagination stray in vivid mind spaces and creativity through a free play. Barbie has constantly been in the forefront of giving India a taste of world-class quality for your child’s play and entertainment.

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