Top 10 Inverter Brands in India

The market of inverter in India is increasing sharply due to frequent power cuts during summer season and the need of continuous power supply to the organizations.

Inverters find their applications in various sectors like government institutions, IT companies, hospitals, financial institutions, etc.

Due to the presence of high potential in power sector, many inverter brands have entered this sector making it more competitive. This post describes about the top 10 Inverter Brands in India.

1. Luminous


Luminous is the leading inverter brand in India, which is widely used for household and commercial applications. Luminous is an inverter brand of Luminous Power Technologies Private Limited, a company established in the year 1988 and presently dominates in this segment in the country. Luminous offers inverters for every requirement, whether its small load, medium load or high load.

Ion, Zelio, Eco and Supreme are some of the inverter series of Luminous, which are efficient and reliable. Apart from inverters, Luminous also offers high quality UPS, Batteries and Solar Power Products. Luminous has a wide network across the country, which comprises of 28 sales offices and more than 50,000 channel partners.

2. Microtek


Microtek is one of the oldest and reliable brand for power back up in India, which is owned by Microtek International Private Limited, a company founded in the year 1972. A part of the Action Group, Microtek International Private Limited offers highly durable, reliable and efficient inverters.

Some of the features of Microtek inverters are Sinewave Technology, Display Indications and Auto Reset. The company manufactures inverters, UPS and batteries in its 8 manufacturing plants located in different parts of the country.

3. Arise


Arise is a leading inverter brand of Arise India Limited, an electrical and electronics products manufacturing company incorporated in the year 1984. Since its inception the company has earned name in providing a world class products that gives high end performance and due to its high quality products the company has won various awards.

Arise offers high quality inverters under many series like Wonder, Golden, Shinestar, Super, etc. The company has a strong presence in the country with more than 12,000 distributors and over 50 offices in India.

4. Genus


Genus is the next inverter brand on this list, which is owned by Genus Power Infrastructure Limited, a company that provides a complete solution for power backup. Genus offers high quality inverters in different range that are packed with the latest technology and features. Genus offers reliable single phase as well as three phase inverter.

Apart from inverters, Genus also offers premier quality batteries, Home UPS, Static UPS, Solar Products, etc.

5. Su-kam

Su Kam

Su-Kam is another leading inverter brand in India, which is owned by Su-Kam Power Systems Limited, a company incorporated in the year 1988. Su-Kam offers reliable inverters for household as well as for commercial uses.

Some of the inverter series offered by Su-Kam are Torque, Falcon, Blaze, Cosmic and Micron.

6. Swelect Energy Systems Limited

Swelect Energy Systems Limited

Swelect Energy Systems Limited is a power electronics company established in the year 1994 and manufacture inverters, UPS, solar inverters, solar charge controller, etc.

7. Delta


Next inverter brand on this list is Delta, an inverter brand of Delta Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd, a well known company that provides a complete solution for power backup. Some of the products of this company are Inverters, UPS, EV Charging Stations, Datacenter, etc.

8. Consul


Consul is another reliable name for power backup solutions, which is an inverter brand of Consul Consolidated Pvt Ltd, a company came into existence in the year 1981. Consul Consolidated Pvt Ltd manufactures a full range of power back-up products that include inverters, online UPS, voltage stabilizers, transformers and solar power products.

9. Uniline


Uniline is placed at 9th in the list of top 10 inverter brands in India. Uniline Energy Systems Pvt Ltd is an Indian company that provides complete power backup solutions by offering products like inverters, UPS, servo stabilizers, solar energy products, etc.

Leopower is the inverter series of Uniline that offers highly reliable inverters, which are packed with features like High Efficiency, Overload Protection, Spike Free, Automatic Boost, etc.

10. True Power

True Power

Last on this list is True Power, a power electronics and home appliances company incorporated in the year 1993 and produces inverters that are rich in quality and features. Hulk, Saphire and Signature are some of the inverter series of this company.


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