Top 10 most popular Headphone Brands in India 2016

The market for electronics products in India is enormously growing in leaps and bounds. Everyone loves music and thus, having a great quality of headphone brands enables listeners to relish and redefine the musical experiences.

Everyone according to their need and use will look out for certain attributes and evaluate before buying a headphone set such as sound clarity, loudness, design, comfort, sound quality, frequency response, bluetooth, noise cancellation, plug sizes, connection quality, magnet type, sound isolation feature, and lastly customizations & optimization features in order to resonate their music experience with the kind of equipment that is being used to listen.

With ever evolving technology and innovation, the brands have kept pace with technological development and upgrade their headphones that suit the needs of many, for universal usages.

Not defeating the fact that each model comes with its own set of capabilities, there are many brands in the market battling for the top position in this segment, some have certainly made their position in the Indian market with their quality and potential to deliver a high-quality audio.

This article will give you exactly what you are looking for the as we look at the top 10 list of most popular Headphone Brands in India 2016, which succeeds to bag the largest market share of the users countywide.

10. Zebronics

zebronicsEstablished in 1997, this Indian brand has strengthened over the years now has over 31 offices spread out in India, has almost 108 plus care centres.
Zebronics has secured the tenth position in the list of top 10 most popular Headphone Brand in India 2016.

Some of the top headphone models of Zebronics brand are Electro headphones, Colt-3 headphones, ZEB-1000 HMV which flaunt with best of the modern features and sound quality for listeners.

9. Creative

creativeQuality coupled with reasonable price is what describes Creative brand the best.

The brand offer a wide range of headphones that are stylish, with amazing sound quality is extremely popular with the youth crowd, has its headquarters based in Singapore but serving as a global company.

Some of their top selling models are the Sound Blasters, Creative earphone ep-600, Creative earphone ep-630blk and Creative Hitz MA-350 Headset etc.

8. Panasonic

panasonicPanasonic, is one amongst the leaders in electronics brands of the world and enjoys a significant presence in India as well, has its headquartered in Japan and was established in 1918.

Its affordability and easy availability attribute to its ever increasing popularity. With classic audio clarity, Panasonic is indeed a good option for headphones when it comes to music lovers, gamers etc. Panasonic has secured

Panasonic has secured the eighth position in the list of top 10 most popular Headphone Brands in India 2016.

Bestsellers products of Panasonic brand are RP-HX35E-K Ultra Light Stereo Headphones, RP-HS33E-K Wired  and RP-HS46E-W Slim Earhook Headphone.

7. Skullcandy

skullcandyNew entrant Skullcandy is a US company which is widely trusted in the headphone markets have USPs of diversity and uniqueness in quality.

Skullcandy in comparison to other brands, yet surprisingly have received great applauds from its users globally for both design, low price and color have enabled the brand to capture a large market in India too.

Famous for their louder and an extra ordinary music quality, Skullcandy offers its exclusive products majorly on online platforms.

Famous headphone models of this brands are S6HSDZ-058 Hesh 2.0 Rasta Headphone, S5GRHT-472 Wired Headphones etc.

6. Philips

philipsPhilips India Limited is a part of Royal Philips, based in Netherlands and one of the global leaders in healthcare, lighting, and consumer lifestyle products.

The brand holds commendable and outstanding presence in the country since many years as that matter of concern in headphones too.

Philips offers a wide array of models offering high sensitivity headphone in an extended range to choose for its customers, has been placed sixth in the list of top 10 list of most popular Headphone Brands in India 2016.

SHP1900/97 Wired Headphones, SHP2000 headphone are few bestseller products of Philips.

5. Sennheiser

sennheiserA German company is a complete engineering marvel with incredibly pure and clearer sound, and noise cancellation and reduction is totally great. Unbeatable brand with huge hits and music addicts, and also professionals.

It’s a trusted brand worldwide which was established by Professor Doctor Fritz Sennheiser in 1945 previously as Laboratorium Wennebostel.

Sennheiser is popular not just for music lovers worldwide but among the professionals and many great musician. The brands happens to be one of the oldest but still a very preferred brand when headphones are concerned.

Sennheiser’s HD 180, HD 201 Dynamic Stereo, HD 202 II, HD 205 II are few among the most demanded product.

4. Beats

beatsA brand that need no introduction. Beats showcases some very popular headphones  all across the globe. Famous among many musicians in their music albums, live shows & in their life.

One can enjoy the awesome music experience with beats headphones which was first started by Dr. Dre and Jimmy Lovine in the year 2006, which was later bought by Apple Inc.

This headphone brand boasts the largest market share of purchases and preference in India secures the fourth position in the list of top 10 list of most popular Headphone Brands in India 2016.

Beats offer refined sound filter, quality of sound and clarity, comfortable, portable headphones as its unique features.

900-00063-02 Wired Headset, Executive Over-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones, Studio 2.0 Wi are a must buy if you are looking for tremendous headphones with compromise on funds.

3. Bose

boseMusic has explored new dimensions with bose, the tagline of the brand says ‘Sound engineering redefined‘ makes the entire sound experience wonderful.

The brand is a result of the creative mind of late Mr.Amar Bose, who was s sound and electrical engineer and a professor at MIT college.

The immense clarity, soft smooth comfortable sound, noise cancellation, elegant designs happens to be one of the most exorbitantly priced headphones, yet that does not act as a deterrent for music lovers to invest in this piece of hardware.

Built using high and advanced engineering, the brand offers a great deal of its high value for money with a great demand in India.

Sound true, SoundLink, QuietComfort 25, Special Edition Triple Black QuietComfort 25 are famous variants offered by the brand for different user base.

2. Sony

sonyWidely popular brand in the electronics segment worldwide, Sony has mastery in heavy bass Stereo Headphone with Neodymium Magnet, amazing class and quality has always innovated its products to remain a pioneer in the music and audio industry.

Sony was established in 1946 and its head offices are in Tokyo, is well-marketed brand as far as accessibility and retailer network is concerned thus, enabling the brand to enjoys a huge market share in India.

Sturdy, light weighted, excellent noise isolation and pretty good sound output is what sony headphones for its users. Some of the best sony headphones are the MDR-HW700, Sony MDR XB-450 and the MDR-AS200 series etc.

1. JBL

jblIf you are looking for good bass in budget, nothing legendary than JBL headphones, the brand aces the list of top 10 list of most popular Headphone Brands in India 2016.

A product of the Harman International Industries established in 1946, the brand of headphones, provides both refined and quality music output.

JBL is famous for its clearer and sweeter sound quality, comfortability makes this pair of headphones one of the best in terms of economical price and high on bass.

J03B Tempo Wired Headphones, T250SI, C300SI Dynamic are few of the best product offered by JBL.

The company is awarded as “Best club sound system” in 2013 at the 26th Annual International Dance Music Awards.

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