Top 10 best Hand Blender brands in India

Gone are the days of manually chopping, blending, mixing and cooking ingredients; there is a wave of transformation in cooking technology too. The smart world of modern kitchen appliances offers a great deal of cooking aids, gadgets and tools that simplifies your cooking chores to minimal. One such in the assortment of such cooking tool is a hand blender.

Hand Blenders which are also known as hand held immersion blenders, play a vital role as a kitchen gadget/tool. The blender has the mixing head with rotating blades that can be immersed in any container, or the beaker that is provided with the hand blender’s set.

The tedious job of chopping, whisking, puree making, whipping, mashing, mincing, straining, stirring, grating, blending, shaking, juicing and beating, in short emulsifying and creating a homogenous food mixture, can now be accomplished simply with a touch of a button!

Hand blenders have a connected shaft to a rotating blade at the bottom of its device and once it has immersed inside the bowl, beaker or a jar, then the churning process begins. The immersion blender are available in varying number of blades and compartments which one can choose according to your needs and requirements.

Hand held benders prove to be a great solution small and specific tasks, unlike the countertop blenders, that are used when the mixture quantities or batch size varies. With utilitarian kitchen appliance such as hand blend one can prepare food in reasonably no time and in an easy fashion.

Having a compact hand blender will always prove to be a plus. The market has a diversified variety of electric hand blenders which are affordable and very durable. Its ergonomical design is equipped with long lasting grip and sharp blades, which eases your kitchen works.

More often its the first time buyers who might face confusion of which brand to go for, so here we are discussing with you some check points that you should count on:

  • Power – If one has to carry out heavy duty job, then going for a higher watt power hand blender is the most suitable pick, else an average watt power blender would also do when it comes to basic blending job.
  • Design – A long handle always helps, as one can avoid the messy mixture getting onto their hands. It is also advisable to check for a firm grip design in immersion blenders as it beats the chances of the device slipping off from your palms.
  • Cord or Cordless – Now in the market there are a majority of brands that offers cordless blenders, which are quite user-friendly. But still if one plans to go for corded blender it is always good to check that the cord is long enough and in order to ensure that the cord of the hand blender doesn’t come in a way of your while you are working is another check one should consider before buying one.
  • Maintenance – Well most of the brands offers very user-friendly designs that ensure easy cleaning and maintenance of the detachable blades and shafts that can be easily separated and washed in a dishwasher.

Well, with the above details hope we have clarified your doubts regarding what all attributed should one count on. And surpassing the next biggest road block regarding the brand choice, we have rounded up the list of Top 10 best Hand Blender brands in India, for you to make an informed choice before buying one.

10. Maharaja Whiteline

Maharaja WhitelineTenth in the list of  Top 10 best Hand Blender brands in India, stands Maharaja Whiteline. This innovative brand offers a complete kitchen solution and home comfort categories.

Its hand blender range of series is powerful and very durable, where most of them comes in hanging loop, super sharp blades. Ergonomically designed Maharaja Whiteline’s hand blender give a powerful performance. Each of its product has a convenient wall holder and some of its model comes with a soup making beaker and chutney jar.

Its hand blenders can let you do easy chopping, blending, mincing, whipping. Some of its best selling model names are Turbomix dix, Turbomix king, Turbomix plus, Jazz dix etc.

9. Inalsa

InalsaInalsa’s home and kitchen appliance makes your life more easier and saves your time to a lot of extent. The brand is a subsidiary of Taurus group which has headquarters in Spain.

This 50 years old brand incorporates latest designs as well as technology. Its wide range of product line has been catering the Indian customers by offering a great quality as the right value for your money.

The home maker’s choice for hand blenders which exhibits great aesthetics and latest technology. Its hand blenders have features and attributes that serves the purpose of blending the food well.

The brand offers more than 13 different models of hand blenders, naming a few like Robot 600C,  Premium blend 400, Robot 300C, Robot 300CS, Robot 300DX, Twister DX and many more.

8. Jaipan

jaipanEighth in the list of Top 10 best Hand Blender brands in India, stands Jaipan. The brand was incorporated in the year 1981, and has a strong network of more than 150 distributors and nearly  6000 dealers across the country.

Simplifying the daily mixes and blending tasks, Jaipan’s hand blenders lets you complete all your kitchen chores very quickly. Its hand blenders are energy efficient and allows you to save on your power bill.

The brand offers more than nine different kinds of hand blender models, naming a few best selling models such as Jaipan  200 Watts, Jaipan JCB-001 Shock-Proof Housing 250W Hand Beauty Blender, Jaipan Shock Proof  200W Wood Finish Hand Blender, Jaipan 200- Watts Mango Shaker Hand Blende, Jaipan JTB- 250 250-Watt Turbo Hand Blender.

Most of Jaipan’s hand blender models have features like robust effective motors, durable blades, low power consumption, easy to clean, sturdy and stable, rust proof plastic body, easy to hold and portable and other model specific features.

7. Panasonic

panasonicPanasonic is a supreme brand that offers a gigantic range of home, consumer electronics, kitchen appliances and essentials.

Its super deluxe styled which simplifies your processes in preparing sumptuous meals whether its about chopping, shredding, whisking or slicing. Panasonic’s hand blender set often comes with its value-added supplies of beaker, chopper attachment, whisk attachment, wall bracket.

Panasonic’s high-performance hand blenders are very sturdy and convenient to use, which helps you in everyday cooking. Its products can be bought directly any local distributor, retail outlet, official website or from e-shopping websites such as Flipkart and Snapdeal.

6. Prestige

prestigeNext in the list stands the trailblazer brand Prestige. The brand’s parent company is TTK Prestige limited, which has emerged as India’s one of the biggest consumer kitchen appliance in India, which is synonymous with trust.

Whether one wants to churn, blending, whisking and other tasks. Spring loaded chopping blade, Blending jar, chopping, whisking, attachment & wall hook. Prestige’s hand blenders are handy, high in quality, competent in performance. Some of its hand blender models that fall in the category of best selling models such as PHB 8.0, PHB 9.0, PHP 7.0.

5. Bajaj

bajajNext in the list stands fourth in the list of Top 10 best Hand Blender brands in India, stands the brand Bajaj.

Its home smart cooking series offers great kitchen tool in form of hand blender. which lets you prepare a versatile range of delectable culinary dishes right at your home. This coveted brand, offers a variety of ranges in hand blenders which are easy to operate and very easily available at retail stores and with distributors.

Hand blender is a kitchen essential, and this brand offers multi-utility attachments. Delivering fast results just with a touch of buttons, Bajaj’s hand blenders are light weighted, super silent in operation, easy to clean and maintain. Its hand blender prices are economical and suit every budget. It has simple designs, less maintenance, powerful blades, and is easy to clean.

4. Morphy Richards

Morphy RichardsSixth in the list of Top 10 best Hand Blender brands in India, stands Morphy Richards.

Morphy Richards is an unrivalled brand in the home appliance segment, as all its products are
very high in quality and assures top notch quality. This brand label carries as 80 years of unwavering trust of the delighted customers in Indian and worldwide.

Morphy Richards’s immersion blenders, are popular, portable, stylishly designed fit the grip of palm. One can even process food in larger batches. Some of its famous best selling models are HBCD SS, Mixer HM02, HBCP, Pronto DIX etc.

3. Boss

bossThird in the list of Top 10 best Hand Blender brands in India stands, Boss. The brand was founded in the year 1985 and still rules the roost in the market when it comes to simplistic products that offer a good value for your money.

Boss’s portable blender is a modern day easy to use appliance which is user-friendly and makes kitchen chores fast and less time consuming. Sleek and compact, boss’s hand blenders have stylish exteriors, and overall packaged set of additional blending tools and supplies. This great kitchen companion makes the work of grinding and blending an easy task.

The brand also offers a gigantic range of product line and its has more than 6000 retailers in the Indian marketplace. Boss’s home appliance products adhere to stringent national & international safety norms such as ISI, CE, GS and also other manufacturing standards too.

2. Orpat

orpatOrpat is one of the oldest consumer electrical and home appliance, kitchen appliance brand in India. This brand was incepted in the year 1939. Orpat is no doubt one of the most preferred household selection.

Its elegantly designed hand blender, is easy functioning backed with a powerful motor. Easy to store and wash Orpats’s hand blenders are wall mountable, easy to wash, has long power cord, detachable blending shaft, unbreakable P.C bowl, beater, whisker and mincer ss blades.

1. Philips

philipsNumber one in the list of Top 10 best Hand Blender brands in India, stands Philips. This undisputable electrical household and consumer brand has been serving the nation with its top notch quality products ever since its inception.

Its exclusive product line offers best range of hand blenders. And when you are looking for high credibility Philips is the answer to all your search. With Philips hand blenders its easy to blend soups, puree and shakes. Its hand blenders are feather light appliance and fits comfortably in hand. Easy to wash and simple to use Philips’ hand blenders are very elegantly designed and are budget friendly.

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