Top 10 Hair Oil Brands in India

Keeping your hairs guarded from external harms such as dust, pollution, fumes etc. is equally essential as much as maintaining healthy diet & stress-free life. Hairs speaks volume about the inner balance of your body and also the outer care you carry out.

Oiling your hair plays a pivotal role in hair care regime. As it carries countless advantages, naming few like improving the hair texture, conditioning of your hair, nourishing etc.

There are dozens of companies out there in the market which offers you a variety of hair oil for you to  choose. But picking out the best brand & quality that suits your need is important.

Here in this article we have reviewed the list of Top 10 hair oil brands in India, that will enable you to pick out the most popular product that suits your need.

10. Trichup Hair oil

trichupThe parent company of Trichup is Vasu Healthcare that was launched in the year in 1990 & is one of the most prescribed hair oil brand in India. It stands number tenth in the list of Top 10 hair oil brands in India.

Trichup Hair oil helps in improving hair texture, repairing damaged hair, reducing hair fall, strengthening hair root. Trichup also offers a wide array of herbal hair care products and solution for hair enhancing, hair fall & dandruff.

Formed with the unique formulation of 14 powerful herbs, Trichup hair Oil is formulated in sesame oil through a patented process.

9. Dabur hair oil

daburEstablished in the year 1884 by Dr S. K. Burman, Dabur India Ltd., the FMCG giant has nationally acclaimed flagship hair oil products to offer namely, Dabur Amla, Vatika & Dabur Almond.

These products have garnered trust & reputation in the consumer product sector with the kind of premium quality of hair oils and one of the world’s largest ayurvedic and natural health care company.

Covering over 5.3 million retail outlets, in urban as well as rural markets Dabur, also has its brand presence in over 120 countries worldwide.

8. Bajaj hair oil

bajajBajaj Corp Ltd, an Indian consumer goods company caters the its major brands in hair care category, like Bajaj Almond Drops Hair Oil, Bajaj Jasmine Hair Oil, Bajaj  Kailash Parbat Thanda Tel, Bajaj Amla Shikakai Hair Oil & Bajaj Brahmi Amla Hair Oil.

Capturing over 52% market share in light hair oil category, Bajaj has a strong brand heritage and reputation in India and is a leader in light hair oil segment in terms of value & volume. This brand stands number eighth in the list of Top 10 hair oil brands in India.

7. Dove hair oil

doveDove as a brand, offers premium quality hair oil named “Elixir”, which is enriched with blends of oils possessing the power of ultimate nourishment and care you might be looking for.

It protects your crowning glory, reduces hair fall problems & helps to combat right from the root of your hair to its tip. Dove’s organic oil like most of the other products, the Hair Oil from Dove too, speak of quality and class.

You can bid farewell to dryness, damage and breakability & pamper your hair with the potion of Dove Elixir to get lavishly soft and strikingly long hair.

6. Khadi Natural hair oil

khadiKhadi Natural range not only helps you to restore balance & shine but also strengthens &  improves the overall health of your scalp.

All the products of this new market player deeply conditions, prevents hair loss, prevents split ends, breakage and dryness of scalps. There are two categories in which the brand has made its oils available, first is the paraffin free & no mineral oil and the other is herbal series.

With Khadi Natural products you get the goodness of nature, all ensuring are free of any toxic chemicals & thus suitable for all hair types.

5. Himalaya hair oil

himalayaThe company started in the year 1930, Himalaya Global Holdings Ltd. is the parent of all Himalaya subsidiaries. It stands as one of the herbal consumer product giant brands in the Indian market.

Its offers two variants of oils namely Anti-Hair Fall Hair Oil and Anti-Dandruff Hair Oil, that ensure you to prevent hair fall and stimulate hair growth. Its ingredients carry goodness of Bhringaraja and Amalaki prevents dandruff, strengthen the root shaft and nourishes the scalp to keeps hair healthy.

Himalaya’s hair oil helps in eliminating microbial infections of the scalp & strengthens hair follicles and promotes hair growth. Himalaya as the brand operate in over 90 countries & is also one of the highly prescribed by doctors.

4. Patanjali hair oil

patanjaliPatanjali a trailblazer in the Indian markets with surging demands of a brand which promotes swadeshi & ayurvedic ideology.

This fastest emerging company offers rich & pure hair oils that will help you culture good health care. Patanjali stands number fourth in the list of Top 10 hair oil brands in India.

Almond hair, oil, coconut hair oil, Amla hair oil, Kayakalp taila, kesh Kanti hair oil, Kesha taila, Kesha Kanti oil, Sheetal oil, Tejus tailum are the products which the brand offers in the hair oil segment.

3. Kesh King Hair Oil

kesh-kingKesh King Ayurvedic medicinal oil, which is the flagship product of the Emami Group stands next in the list of Top 10 hair oil brands in India.The parent company has its headquarters located in Kolkata. Founded by childhood buddies Mr RS Agarwal and Mr RS Goenka, Emami today is a trusted and adored brand of the nation.

The company has its footprints in over 60 countries across the globe. The acquisition marked Emami into the Ayurvedic Hair oil segment with the brand portfolio of Kesh King’s ayurvedic medicinal oil. Kesh King has also been endorsed by popular Bollywood celebrities widely.

2. SESA hair oil

sesaThe parent company of this premium hair oil is BAN Labs ltd., which was founded by Dr D. K. Patel and the company began its operation in the year 1966.

The brand offers SESA Hair oil, which one of the best selling hair oil in India and has secured number second in the list of Top 10 hair oil brands in India.

It offers variants in hair oil like SESA regular, SESA hair vitalizer, SESA coconut oil, SESA mastermind. Extracting the best out of nature while working closely with Ayurvedic secrets & life sciences, SESA results naturally healthy and strong hairs.

1. Parachute hair oil

parachutelogoParachute Hair Oil tops the list of Top 10 hair oil brands in India. A flagship brand of Marico, which was started in the year 1971, is one of the oldest brand that is still ruling the Indian hair oil market.

As a leading brand, it offers product namely Coconut oil, Aloe vera enriched coconut hair oil, Advanced ayurvedic hair oil, Deep conditioning hot oil, Jasmine hair oil. Parachute Hair Oil has hugely been in demand because of its supreme purity, quality and right value for money.

The brand has seen a lot of innovations in sizing, packaging and tamper-proofing. Parachute enjoys a sizable & loyalty customer base in urban, semi-urban and rural markets.

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