Top 10 Gas Stove brands in India

Cooking at home is the best way to keep your family consume healthy and nourished food. Home cooked food is the ultimate source of nutrition and gas stove is the answer as a perfect tool for carrying out that task, if you will.

Kitchen is a cooking hub, where every homemaker or chefs desires it to be equipped with appliances, tools and gadgets that simplify cooking processes and save times in the process, of which gas stoves ranks first in the check-list.

Kitchen stoves in India are traditionally fueled by gas (LGP), is an enclosed space in which fuel is burned to provide heating of cooking vessels and items placed on it. Redefining the concepts of cooking, gas stoves, cooktops are now trending with glass tops apart from regular alloy structures that are available in the markets. Varying from single to four stove burners gas stoves comes in a wide variety of styles to suit your cooking needs and demands.

There are teeming brands in the market which promises you safe cooking with added style in aesthetics, but few brands just stands out from the rest in their overall usability.We have reviewed the list of Top 10 Gas Stoves brands in India, because owning basic to complex kitchen appliances adds more interest to your cooking journeys, where this list might prove to be a buyer’s guide.

10. Padmini

padmini-applianceTenth in the list of Top 10 Gas Stoves brands in India stands Padmini, a premium manufacturer and supplier of super quality Kitchen Appliances.

Incorporated in the year 1981, Padmini’s gas stoves comes with attributes of quality, high performance & reliability. This widely accepted brand has each appliance crafted with leading-edge technical superiority, and fast-tracking innovation in action. Padmini stove is an ideal combination of aesthetics and performance ranging from four to single stove burners, suiting your cooking need.

Turning your cooking into the gourmet adventure, the brand’s appliances are promising and durable. Padmini’s range of product line is backed by the unflinching support of continuous R&D. Apart from kitchen appliance the brand offers home appliance which comes across as a household’s delight. The brand has over 110 distributors in PAN-India.

9. Bajaj

bajajBajaj is one of the most renowned brand existing brand in the Indian market that satisfies the electric home appliance needs and kitchen solutions. It offers gas stoves varying from traditional two burners to multi-tasker four burners, from rust resistant steel top to sturdy glass tops and high-quality material of grates.

This sophisticated brand is a one-stop-solutions for a gigantic array of stylish, durable, safe and easy to clean gas stoves and cooktops for you to choose from. The simplicity and functionality of its products will make your cooking experience more enjoyable, apart from providing a fair value for money.

The flame of its products is centralised for an even distribution of heat onto the cookware, thus making the food cook faster. Designed keeping in mind the Indian households, Bajaj gas stoves have elegant structure & knobs, which comes with extended life and proper space for accommodating vessels.

8. Preethi

PreethiNext, in the list of Top 10 Gas Stoves brands in India stands Preethi. One of the most trusted brand among housemakers was incorporated in 1978, which now enjoy its presence in over 10 million households across India. Preethi is a brand of national repute, inspiring families to add delight to their cooking experiments.

This brand’s gas stoves have contemporary designs, ensure safe use and are affordable. Its sales and distribution network ensures to reach a large number of customer in India and countries like U.S, Middle East, Sri Lanka etc.

The brand also has introduced its new thermally toughened glass top stove which comes with removable dip tray, heavier brass burners and light holder. Preethi’s gas stoves are undoubtedly the efficient and reliable companion for all your cooking needs.

7. Faber

faberComplimenting your kitchen with Faber gas stoves lets you add to your kitchen interiors. This 16 years old yet modern brand’s USPs are cutting-edge technology, quality, unmatched design culminating into avant-garde product line. Faber is an ISO 9001:2008 certified brand promising to deliver greater joy in cooking with its kitchen appliances.

Its high energy burners are economical to use and afford, good in looks, easy to maintain and clean. Faber, a Swiss brand adds styling has a wide market span in almost 70 countries worldwide including India and has over 2,000 retail in Indian markets.

6. Glen

Sixth in the list of Top 10 Gas Stoves brands in India, stands Glen.
Incorporated in the year 1999, Glen Appliances Pvt. Ltd., this kitchen appliance giant assures quality, durability, efficiency and performance in every product it offers.

This brand’s gas stoves offers extraordinary features like multi-spark auto ignition, convenient burner access and maximum vessel space on cooktops apart from basic features.

With its wide series of ISI mark gas stoves models is available up to 5 cooking stoves. The next brand is one of the best in the market. Glen’s cooking appliances and range of kitchen appliances offer utter quality, reliability and warranty.

5. Surya flame

surya-flameThis trailblazer brand has garnered a trust of 20 million Indian customers with its finest & high-performance kitchen appliance. Surya flame complies with stringent of the safety standards, and are crafted with uttermost meticulous precision, employing state-of-art technology.

The brand offers up to five stove burners in their product line which are well designed and functional in nature. Surya flame has spread out a huge network of distribution channels with over 120 distributors and over 14000 retail outlets spread out in PAN-India level.

4. Butterfly

ButterflyFourth in the list of Top 10 Gas Stoves brands in India stands Butterfly, which is the flagship brand of listed company ‘Gandhimathi Appliances Limited’. Incorporated in the year 1986, today ‘Butterfly’ is a leading brand in the country and internationally as well.

This warranted brand offers gas stoves are rust-free sturdy stainless steel/ glass tops, carrying beaded-edge design and backed with ABS knobs for smooth operation. Its gas stoves are also accompanied with detachable spill trays which makes it easier to clean and maintain. Butterfly’s carry hi-Tech design pan support lets you place the utensils firmly on the cooktop. Also, its extra thick gas pipe with inner & outer coating ensures easy gas flow which promotes hassle free cooking.

Butterfly also offers its colourful limited edition series in gas stove ranges, cooktops, built-in hobs which add zesty vibe to your kitchen.

3. Pigeon


If you are thinking to replace your old gas stove, Pigeon is possibly one of the best choice you can go for. Part of the Stovekraft group, Pigeon which is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company offers fully integrated & reliable kitchen appliances.

Pigeon’s seamless blend of sophistication, aesthetics and technology has led to evolution of new definition of defect-free kitchen appliances, gadgets and tools. Ensuring safety during the cooking processes, Pigeon’s gas stoves has highly efficient burners, washable side plates, comes at a reasonable price and varying years of warranty.

The brand offers cooktops with structures of stainless steels and jet black tempered glass with smooth finishing and durable body. Pioneer in kitchen appliance industry, Pigeon promises safety of users, efficiency, value for money, durability in each of its gas stove range and other range of products.

2. Sunflame

SunflameNext in line is Sunflame, a brand renowned for its high-quality & exceptionally high-performing kitchen/home applications, offers you the right value for money. Latest technology coupled with innovation & consistent quality are the cornerstone of this brand.

Sunflame’s cooktops and gas stoves are durable that reflect modern look with scratch and dirt-proof glass top which makes cleaning and maintenance easier. Its gas stoves and cooktop are equipped with drip trays preventing spillages on the work area. Its ergonomic design helps in easy handling & providing ample combustion space between the burner and the base of the vessel, thus ensuring uniform and optimum heating.

1. Prestige

prestigeAcing in ranks stands Prestige, in the list of Top 10 Gas Stoves brands in India. The flagship brand of the listed company TTK Prestige Ltd., the brand has been catering masses with household and kitchen needs.

A pioneer of kitchen solutions in India, Prestige provides durable, innovative & superior quality of gas stoves. Its range of gas stoves comes with convenient handling, compact design which consumes less of your cooking space, shatter proof stylish glass cooktops.

Prestige gas stoves are the best to buy if you are looking for good looks along with great functionality. Considerably reducing the cooking time, its’s portable four burner stove is a must have kitchen appliance. All its gas stove models are ISI certified which is a plus for the brand.

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