Top 10 Diagnostic Companies (Pathology Labs) in India

Medical Diagnosis is an important part of medical treatment as it determines the cause of disease or disorder. Diagnosis involves pathological tests and radiology tests to find out the root cause of a disease.

The Indian Diagnostic Industry is a mega industry, which comprises of equipment manufacturers and pathology labs. The total value of the industry is more than Rs 20,000 Crore, which is expected to cross the mark of Rs 40,000 Crore by the year 2018.

There are many diagnostic companies in India and offering diagnostic services of premium quality. This post describes about the top 10 diagnostic companies (pathology labs) in India:

10. Lucid Medical Diagnostics

Lucid Medical Diagnostics

Incorporated in the year 2007, Lucid Medical Diagnostics offer quality diagnostic service and operates 5 centres in the cities of Hyderabad, Secundarabad and Bengaluru. The company offers a large number of diagnostic tests in the state-of-the-art technology.

9. Vijaya Diagnostic Centre

Vijaya Diagnostic Centre

Vijaya Diagnostic Centre has 14 centres and occupied ninth place in the list of top 10 diagnostic companies (pathology labs) in India. Established in the year 1981, Vijaya Diagnostic Centre is known for offering quality diagnostic services.

It offers a range of diagnostic services across various domains that include Cardiology, Radiology, Diabetology, etc. The company also offer corporate health packages, which comprises of a number of tests that helps in early detection of diseases.

8. Hitech Diagnostic Centre

Hitech Diagnostic Centre

Established in the year 1986, Hitech Diagnostic Centre is a popular diagnostic company in the southern part of India. It has 25 centres and offer services to more than 600 labs and hospitals in the country.

7. Medall Healthcare Pvt Ltd

Medall Healthcare Private Limited

Medall Healthcare Pvt Ltd operates 60 diagnostic centres in South India and provide quality diagnostic services. With a dedicated team of more than 100 radiologists and pathologists, Medall Healthcare Pvt Ltd provides pathology and radiology services of premium quality.

6. Suburban Diagnostics

Suburban Diagnostics

Suburban Diagnostics is a leading diagnostic company in Mumbai and its nearby areas and stand at sixth place in the list of top 10 diagnostic companies (pathology labs) in India. Incorporated in the 1994, Suburban Diagnostics offers various services like Diagnostics, Pathology, Corporate Wellness Programs, etc.

Suburban Diagnostics offer services to many companies and some of its clients are ONGC, Mahindra, Toyota, Cipla, HCL, Shoppers Stop, Jet Airways, etc.

5. Oncquest Laboratories Limited

Oncquest Laboratories Limited

Next on this list is Oncquest Laboratories Limited, a diagnostic company with more than 100 centres in the country. The company is a provider of premium pathology services and specialised services.

The company has central laboratory services and offer diagnostic services in various therapeutic areas like cardiology, oncology, gastroenterology, immunology, etc.

4. Metropolis


Metropolis has more than 240 centres in the country and offer diagnostic services in clinical chemistry, haematology, cytogenetics, etc. The company offers more than 4,500 tests ranging from simple to super specialised tests.

3. Thyrocare


Established in the year 1996, Thyrocare Technologies Limited has one of the most advanced laboratory and offer quality diagnostic services. With a strong presence in more than 2,000 cities and towns, Thyrocare offer diagnostic tests for hormonal imbalance, age related diseases, nutritional deficiencies, etc.

The company has an automated diagnostic laboratory, which performs more than 2 Lakh clinical chemistry investigations every night. The company uses the best global technologies and many hospital brands in the country use Thyrocare for diagnostic services.

2. Dr Lal Pathlabs

Dr Lal Pathlabs

Dr Lal Pathlabs is a leading diagnostic firm and ranked second in the list of top 10 diagnostic companies (pathology labs) in India. The company has a dedicated team of more than 3,000 employees, which offer premium diagnostic services in various domains.

The company has more than 160 laboratories and over 1,300 patient service centres that provide quality pathology services. Apart from India, Dr Lal Pathlabs operates in many other countries like UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, etc.

1. SRL Diagnostics

SRL Diagnostics

SRL Diagnostics is the indisputable leader in the Indian Diagnostic Industry, which started its operations in the year 1996. With a network of more than 280 laboratories in the country, SRL offer premium diagnostic services.

The company is a specialist in pathology services and offer more than 3,500 diagnostic tests. It conducts more than 1 Lakh tests every day and also offer radiology services.

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