Top 10 Best Deodorants in India for Men

Deodorants in these days are used by almost every person and have become an essential part of a daily life. Deodorant keep the person fresh and odor free throughout the day in a hot and humid climate.

With the passage of time, the sales of deodorants are increasing and with the increased demand various domestic and international brands have entered into this market.

The Indian market is full of deodorant brands and its hard to find which one is better, so following is the list of top 10 Deodorants for Men in India.

1. Nivea


Nivea is the most popular deodorant brand in India and dominates this segment in the country. Nivea deodorants are most popular among youth because of its unique long lasting fragrance and protection against sweat. Most selling variants under the Nivea Deodorant are:

  • Sport Spray
  • Active Spray
  • Active Roll-On
  • Power Charge
  • Fresh Active

2. Fogg


Fogg is another popular deodorant brand among youth and is ranked 2nd in the list of top 10 best deodorants for men in India. Its long lasting and rejuvenating fragrance makes it a top choice among the various deodorant brands. Most selling variants of the Fogg Deodorant include:

  • Fresh Spicy
  • Royal Fragrance
  • Fresh Aqua
  • Napoleon Fragrance
  • Fresh Aromatic

3. Nike


Nike is an another good deodorant which is known for its unique fragrance and long lasting freshness, that stays for an entire day. The active formula of Nike deodorant gives a protection from sweat and odor throughout the day. Most selling variants of Nike Deodorant are:

  • Magnetic Blue
  • Wood Blast
  • On Fire
  • Cool
  • Paronia

4. Garnier


Garnier is placed at 4th in the list of top 10 best deodorants for men in India. Garnier is a known brand in cosmetics industry and is also famous for its deodorants because of its unique fragrance. It assures the quality products and is used worldwide with trust. Most selling variants under the name of Garnier deodorant are:

  • Extreme Cool
  • Absolute Dry
  • Invisible Deo Spray
  • Anti Sweat Absolute Dry
  • Anti Sweat Extreme

5. Adidas


Adidas is a global brand famous for its sports related products and is also known for its amazing and fresh fragrances. Its deodorants are especially produced for those who play sport and sweat a lot. Its fresh ozonic fragrance and cooling sensation, makes it a top choice among the various deodorants available in the market. Popular variants under the Adidas deodorant are:

  • Get Ready
  • Sport Field
  • Victory League
  • Team Force
  • Intensive
  • Pure Game

6. Yardley


Next on this list is Yardley, a leading perfume company, which was incorporated in 1770. The masculine fragrance of Yardley deodorants gives entire day a freshness and protection from body odor. Most selling variants of Yardley deodorant include:

  • Adventure
  • Race
  • Elegance
  • Arthur
  • Gold

7. Old Spice

Old Spice

Old Spice is a known name for male grooming products and is also a popular deodorant brand. Its deodorants with natural fragrance and long lasting effect makes it a good option to choose among the other brands. Popular variants of Old Spice deodorant are:

  • Original
  • Fresh Lime
  • Musk
  • Whitewater
  • Sport

8. Axe


Axe is placed at 8th in the list of top 10 best deodorants for men in India. It was introduced in the year 1999 and within a decade, it emerged as a preferred deodorant brand. Popular variants of Axe deodorant are:

  • Dark Temptation
  • Apollo
  • Denim
  • Marine
  • Dimension

9. Reebok


Reebok is known for producing deodorants with unique and long lasting fragrance. Popular variants of Reebok deodorant are:

  • Reecharge
  • Reehypnotise
  • Reemystify
  • Reeplay

10. Park Avenue

Park Avenue

Park Avenue is a cosmetic brand that offers deodorants and perfumes for men. Park Avenue deodorants are highly famous and belongs to Raymond, which is a leading fabric company in India. Its amazing and fresh fragrance keeps the person fresh from dawn to dusk in any climate. Most selling variants of Park avenue are:

  • Voyage
  • Storm
  • Cool Blue
  • Imagine


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