Top 10 Chemical Companies in India by Market Cap 2017

Chemicals are a vital part of our life and find applications in numerous things, which ranges from clothes to cars. It also plays an important role in improving the economy of the country.

The Indian Chemical Industry is a huge industry and comprises of a large number of small scale and large scale chemical companies. The chemical industry has witnessed a growth of 13-14% in the last 5 years. The chemical companies sector has the market share of 347627.32 crores in the current scenario. The hugeness of the Indian Chemical Industry can be traced from the fact that at present, the market size of the industry is more than $115 Billion, which is expected to cross the mark of $190 Billion by 2018.

The Indian Chemical Industry produces more than 80,000 chemicals and account for more than 14% of the total country’s manufacturing GDP. Thus, Chemical Industry stands as a significant sector in a country’s overall growth index. In this post, we have compiled the list of Top 10 Chemical Companies in India by Market Cap 2017. 

10. Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals

gujarat alkalaies and chemicalsGujarat Alkalies and Chemicals Limited is the tenth biggest chemical company in India, which was incorporated in the year 1973, at Ahmedabad and is wholly owned by Government.

GACL has two units located at Gujarat, namely in Vadodara and Dahej. The company has integrated manufacturing facilities for Caustic Soda, Chloromethanes, Chlorine, Hydrogen Gas, Hydrochloric Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide, Phosphoric Acid etc.

Market Capitalization: Rs 2651 Crore

9. Linde India Limited

Linde India Limited A part of Linde Group, Linde India Limited is a leading industrial gas company incorporated in the year 1935. Headquartered in Kolkata, Linde India Limited operates more than 20 manufacturing plants in the country and supply over 20,000 gases and mixtures.

The Linde Group is a world’s one of the leading supplier of industrial, process and specialty gases. This company stands ninth in the list of Top 10 Chemical Companies in India by Market Cap 2017.

Market Capitalization: Rs 2,984 Crore

8. Vinati Organics Limited

Vinati Organics Limited Incorporated in the year 1989, Vinati Organics Limited is a leading chemical company and stand at the eighth place in the list of Top 10 Chemical Companies in India by Market Cap 2017. The company produces polymers, aromatics, monomers and other related products.

Vinati Organics Limited is a specialty chemical company, that focuses on manufacturing specialty chemicals and organic intermediaries. Being a world leader in two of our main products, Isobutyl Benzene (IBB) and 2-Acrylamido 2 Methylpropane Sulfonic Acid (ATBS), Linde Group is present in over 22 countries worldwide.

Market Capitalization: Rs 3,249 Crore

7. BASF India

BASF India BASF India is a leading chemical company, which is the Indian subsidiary of BASF, a German multinational corporation engaged in the business of chemicals. BASF India is a public limited company and own 4 manufacturing plants in different locations in the country.

It’s broad portfolio manufactures chemicals, plastics, performance products and crop protection products to oil and gas. Thsi company has secured the seventh position in the list of Top 10 Chemical Companies in India by Market Cap 2017.

Market Capitalization: Rs 4,935 Crore

6. Gujarat Fluorochemicals Limited

Gujarat Fluorochemicals Limited A part of INOX Group, Gujarat Fluorochemicals Limited is next on this list, which was established in the year 1987. The company has its manufacturing facility in Dahej, Gujarat, which produces caustic soda, chlorine and other chemicals.

The product line of the company comprises of chemicals, fluoroelastomer and fluoro specialty chemicals. Apart from chemicals, Gujarat Fluorochemicals Limited is a leading producer of refrigerants and has a presence in many other countries in the world.

Market Capitalization: Rs 5,249 Crore

5. Aarti Industries Limited

Aarti Industries Limited Fifth position on this list of Top 10 Chemical Companies in India by Market Cap 2017 has been secured by Aarti Industries Limited. Established in the year 1975, this chemical company rolled out Dimentyl Sulphate, as its first product.

Headquartered in Mumbai, Aarti Industries Limited operates 16 manufacturing units in the country. Rubber Chemicals, Dyes, Pharmaceuticals, Pigments are some of the products of the company. Apart from India, the company has operations in Europe and USA too.

Market Capitalization: Rs 5,823 Crore

4. Solar Industries India Limited

Solar Industries India Limited Solar Industries India Limited with a market capitalization of Rs 6,334 Crore has occupied fourth position in the list of Top 10 Chemical Companies in India by Market Cap 2017. Incorporated in the year 1995, Solar Industries India Limited is a leading manufacturer of chemicals and industrial explosives.

Cartridge Explosives, Bulk Explosives, Detonators and Detonating Fuse are some of the products of the company. The company not only has manufacturing facilities in India, but also has manufacturing facilities in Africa.

Market Capitalization: Rs 6,334 Crore

3. Tata Chemicals Limited

Tata Chemicals Limited A part of Tata Group, Tata Chemicals Limited is the next company on this list of Top 10 Chemical Companies in India by Market Cap 2017, which was incorporated in the year 1939. Tata Chemicals Limited is not only a leading chemical company in the country, but also has presence in Africa, North America and Europe.

The company has a wide range of products that include chemicals, salt, fertilizers, cement, water purifier etc. Tata Salt, one of the most selling salt in the country is a product of Tata Chemicals Limited.

Market Capitalization: Rs 13,039 Crore

2. Pidilite

Pidilite Among all chemical companies in India, Pidilite is the biggest chemical company in terms of market capitalization. Incorporated in the year 1959, Pidilite Industries Limited is a chemical company that makes adhesives, industrial chemicals and construction chemicals.

Fevicol, the most selling adhesive range in the country is the product of Pidilite Industries Limited. Dr. Fixit, m-seal, Fevi kwik, Fevi Stik and Moto Max are other popular brands owned by the company.

Market Capitalization: Rs 31,378 Crore

1. UPL

UPLUnited Phosphorous Limited (UPL) aces the list of Top 10 Chemical Companies in India by Market 2017. The company’s current Chairman & Managing Director is Mr. R D Shroff.

Incorporated in the year 1985, UPL is a chemical company that produces agrochemicals, industrial chemicals and other related products. Fungicide, Rodenticide, Insecticide, Regulators and Insecticides are some of the products of the company. Also, the company has won many awards for high-quality products.

Market Capitalization: Rs 34,049 Crore

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