Top 10 Ceiling Fan brands in India

Ceiling Fans appeared first in the early 1860s, which later evolved and innovated with technology and time. It has become an indispensable part of every household, no matter how small or big they are, Ceiling Fans are irreplaceable by ACs and desert coolers.

It suffices the need of ventilation, improves air circulation in the room. Being one of the key part of the room decor, they create a comfortably cooler indoor and adds aesthetic appeal & style to your living place.

Ceiling fans at its imperative form are the most cheapest, easy to install, energy efficient, and widely used as a household necessity in a tropical country like India. There certain factors that are needed to be kept in mind while deciding what kind of fan to go for such as Size, Safety, Appearance, RPM, Air delivery, Mechanical strength, Utility, Durability, Wattage, Longevity & of course the BEE Ratings.

There are several brands that offer this Ceiling fans in varied decorative outlooks and types. We have compiled the list of Top 10 Ceiling Fans in India, for you to ensure a right pick.

10. Polar

polarThis brand has become one of the noteworthy brand in the electrical industry, with one-of-a-kind contemporary designs to compliment your modern decor.

Polar stands tenth in the list of Top 10 Ceiling Fan brands in India. It has brought over an amazing range of fans, possessing efficient & durable motors, with ergonomically broad blades, trendy patterns, high air delivery etc. Polar offers its non-corrosive powder coated finishing for the motor body & fan blades, as well as high-grade copper coil for its motors.

The brand inculcates the use of latest Technology, offers an eccentric range of fans and also enjoys a sizable reach in the Indian markets.

9. Oreva

orevaNinth in the list of Top 10 Ceiling Fan Brands in India, stands Oreva. The parent company of this flagship brand is Ajanta Manufacturing Private Limited. Established in the year 1971, which later diversified in lighting and consumer electric products to ultimately form Oreva.

The brand offers the right value for your money as it’s one of the most economical & yet stylish brand to go for. The company owns a strong distribution network which comprises of 150 depots, and 25000 retail outlets spread throughout the nation.

8. Luminous

luminousCrafted with care and housing state-of-the- art technology, Luminous is not only is the best selling UPS & Inverter selling brands in the market, but also a growing choice for a ceiling fan brands too. The brand has been placed eighth in the list of Top 10 Ceiling Fan Brands in India.

The legacy of the brand is being followed since 27 years, which is backed with 114 R&D resources spread all across the country which aims to deliver excellent portfolio of consumer electric products.

Luminous enjoys a vast dealer network counting upto 60,000 in number on Pan India level and the brand also spans its presence in 36 countries globally.

Luminous fans are designed keeping in pace with latest technology & craftsmanship which vary in designs, number of blades etc. The latest breakthrough of the brand in ceiling fan segment was the adoption of LED light diffuser and a fully functional intuitive RF Remote system for their fans.

7. Almonard

almonardThe brand Almonard is the next on board player in the fan market. The Brand employs modern technology & machinery to make consumer electric products with, much-needed class, style, quality & precision.

The brand identity was established way back in the year 1968 by Mr. Vinod Patel. This ISO: 9001:2008 Certified Company, has a fully equipped manufacturing factory located at Vadodara.

Almonard has a good network of service dealers in the country ranging upto 1 lakh and counting, thus making its products readily available in the market. The brand has pioneered in air technology which makes Almonard as one of the top notch brand in the market.

6. Khaitan

khaitan Khaitan has stood the test of time and is a very trusted brand on the Indian map. Synonymous to efficient air management technology, the brand is one among the indisputable squad in the market since its genesis.

The brand has 19 offices located across the nation. Khaitan fans are superior in design & innovation. Not only beneficial from its product’s utility point of view, but it also purports to be energy efficient. Yielding high utility and comfort to its users, Khaitan crafts its fans with a high level of diligence & precision.

5. Bajaj

bajajA highly acclaimed brand, Bajaj electricals stands fifth in the list of Top 10 Ceiling Fan Brands in India. Serving the nation since 77 years, the brand offers trusted products including the fan range.

Bajaj has over 5 lakh retail outlets & nearly 400 centres where one can buy its products. This pioneer of innovation blends the features like performance, maximum air delivery, aesthetics, power efficient, designs well in its ceiling fans. Bajaj’s ceiling fans have perfect finishing and utility in every model it offers.

4. Crompton Greaves

Crompton GreavesCrompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd. as a brand brings the customers a wide  range of ceiling fans, and other consumer electrical products.

The brand symbolises class and sturdiness in every sense. The ceiling fans elevate the look of any room’s design. Every fan of this brand is BEE star rated, energy efficient & eccentric in looks.

The latest offering of the brand in fan collection, anti-dust technology, which ensures 50% of less dust as compared to any other fan brand, which reduces the incidence of grime & dust on the surface of the fan and thus, less maintenance.

The brand offers a wide spectrum of consumer products ranging from fans, household appliances, lighting, pumps etc. Market leader in fan segment since 20 years, Crompton Greaves has almost 150,000 retail centres spread all across the nation.

3. Orient

orientOrient Electric stands eighth in the list of Top 10 Ceiling Fan Brands in India. The brand is a part of the Indian conglomerate CK Birla Group, that offers a diverse selection of consumer electricals, including fans.

The company was incorporated in the year 1939, the brand is a one stop band for every electrical lifestyle solutions. Orient Electric has carved out a niche in the fan industry on Pan India as well as 35 foreign countries.

Winner of various prestigious awards like Business Superbrand 2016 and other, Orient is a trailblazer brand in the national as well as international frontiers.

2. Usha

ushaUsha is one of the oldest and widely renowned brand in the fan industry. The brand showcases its premium portfolio multitude of segments including ceiling fans.

Usha fans incorporates not only unique aesthetics but at the same time, best  application of aerodynamics and innovation in design in the market.

Vibrant colours, innovation in creation & stylish designs is what this brand has in stores for you. While complimenting your  lifestyle and interior decor, Usha fans range are high on performance and low in maintenance. Their fans majorly comes in three different finishes viz. solid smooth, metallic aluminium, pearl mica and nearly 256 colours.  to choose from.

Usha is a revered name in the ceiling fan industry in over 60 countries apart from India.

1. Havells

havellsFirst position in the list of Top 10 Ceiling Fan Brands in India, has been secured by Havells India Limited, one of the largest FMCG company existing in India.

This brand has a distribution network and an exceptionally strong global presence in  almost 50 countries. Havells offers a wide range of industrial and consumer electrical products, out of which 90% of all its products cater home needs.

Havells entered into the fan business in the year 2003 and never looked back ever since then. The brand offers numerous types of fans sporting the widest array of designs. You can embrace your choices with options like decorative, special finish, energy saving or the regular ones.

Havells owns 4 international and 7 domestic manufacturing units. The company has 1 lac retail outlets and has dedicated chains of exclusive brand showrooms which facilitates wide customer reach.

Havells as a brand is synonymous to an embodiment of elegance, power, performance, safety, comfort & durability. The brand has successfully been able to tap & serve their customer needs to the fullest.

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