Top 10 best Car Audio System/Stereo brands in India

Car Audio System/Stereo makes it possible for you to cherish road trip to work or a cross- country odyssey all packed with musical & entertainment options, like anytime.

With the swift progression of new advancement in digital technology & ever growing innovation in sound engineering, car audio and stereos have fascinated our ears & since time memorial, turning our journeys relishing.

Showcasing all new features like bluetooth technology, smartphone compatibility, equaliser, amplifiers, woofers & bass, handsfree calling etc., have changed the definition of car audio system/stereo brands that have been devised in the current era.

Best of the audio/stereo units in the markets create high-quality sound and infuses latest trends in technology that enable you to listen great music. Few criteria have to be kept in mind while choosing the Car Audio System/Stereo brand are:

  • Style
  • Price & Online Reviews
  • Display Type
  • Features
  • Power Ratings
  • Quality
  • Expandability
  • Installation

But in the end, the best car stereo is one that meets your specific needs and is compatible with your car. In this article we have listed the top 10 best Car Audio System/Stereo brand in India, for you to choose from the best of the brands available in the market.

10. Clarion

clarionClarion is a world renowned Japanese manufacturer of one of the best car audio, automotive navigation system, AutoPCs etc. Parent organisation behind the brand is Hitachi & Foxconn jointly.

Clarion Audio/stereo makes every song selection to navigation is at your fingertips with intuitive touch panel operation ensuring your safety, with handsfree and no fuss.

Clarion has secured the tenth position in the list of top 10 bestCar Audio System/Stereo brands in India.

In most of its models the app screens and video content can be displayed on the large screen. Clarion audio/stereo system has the ability to sculpt sound to your taste.

9. Panasonic

panasonicFor all the music lovers, Panasonie has offers excellent car utility product from its well-known range of car accessories.

Panasonic started off in the year 1918 by the name Matsushita Electric Industrial Company. It has been providing the best in quality & sound audio/stereo system compatible with various types & models of car, flaunting amazing features & technology for leisurely road journeys.

Panasonic stands ninth in the list of top 10 best Car Audio System/Stereo in India.

8. Bose

boseBose is a brand that is passionate about making your drive sound better to the comforts of your car.

Its audio/stereo comes with mindblowing features like automotive systems, audio pilot noise compensation technology, centerpoint surround technology, surround stage signalling processing etc.

Bose holds more than 30 years of experience designing car sound systems. Superior acoustics, enhanced system architecture, elegant designs are the USPs of the brand Bose.

7. Alpine

alpineA Japanese brand globally acclaimed for its high-end car audio stereos and navigation systems. Alpine has its headquarters situated in Japan.

Notable traits of this brand are engineering powertrain sound, undesirable noise cancellation, generating redefined and desired cabin sound. Alpine is known for its excellent music that totally transport you to a different plane.

One look display screen, sound parameter setting, HDMI & MHL connection, unique sounds are few of its other significant features that makes its stands out of the crowd.

6. Blaupunkt

blaupunktAppreciable looks, great features, and most of all superior sound quality; that’s what you get with the Blaupunkt car audio/stereos. On can sit back music in the car after a long haul and enjoy the excellent sound system provided by this brand.

The company was founded in Germany in the year 1970 and turned out to be “Ideal radio company” of Berlin. Started their journey by manufacturing only headphones, Blaupunkt after much success later delved into car audio accessories.

Blaupunkt stands sixth in the list of top 10 bestCar Audio System/Stereo brands in India.

5. JBL

jblJBL which stands for James B Lancing who was the founder of the company.

JBL ‘s car audio/stereo range includes a lavish array of all requisite components in car sound system like amplifiers, loudspeakers, subwoofers etc.

So you can enjoy music that extends far beyond your expectations and exposure. Modern, robust yet elegant and packed with technological features, JBL has always made high-end and top rated car stereo/audio units.

4. Kenwood

kenwoodEstablished as Kasuga Radio Co., 1946 Kenwood. The company finally acquired the name ‘Kenwood Corporation’ in 1986.

Kenwood system sports with satellite navigation to DVD multi-zone playback and hands-free calling features etc. A manufacturer of high-quality products covering entire car entertainment products Kenwood of the most popular brand in India lately.

This brand has secured the fourth position in the list of top 10 Car Audio System/Stereo brands in India.

3. JVC

jvcThis brand is a real treat when i comes to touch screen car audio/stereo system. JVC is a Japan based company has a very high reputation of manufacturing high-quality music products at very reasonable prices.

Overall JVC is said to give you a good value for money, and it stands number third in the list of top 10 Car Audio System/Stereo brands in India.

Multimedia Receivers, DVD Receivers, CD / Digital Media Receivers, Amplifiers, Speakers, Subwoofers are its products range which the brand offers to its customers.

2. Sony

sonyRuling the roost in the Indian markets, Sony enjoys a huge customer base in India when it comes to car audio/stereos, with the kind of quality, sound, competitive updates & cutting edge technology it provides.

Sony, the electronics giant has its headquarters in Tokyo, and houses an Indian subsidiary in Delhi. The branding of its products is way too higher than any of its contender, which enables them to capture a sizable market share in India.

Currently, Sony have tapped a colossal market share with its X-plod models.

1. Pioneer

pioneerPioneer is a premium car stereo and speaker company that offers at products at very reasonable prices, stands at number one in the list of top 10 best Car Audio System/Stereo brands in India.

This Japanese consumer electronics company started its operation in India in the year 2008. Pioneer has its headquarters sitauted in Kawasaki, Japan, & has a strong global foothold in the area of car audio system/stereo niche.

Pioneer promises to enhance your driving more with its great sound so one can feel every nuances of music and have one-of-a-kind flawless control over your car sound system.

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