Top 10 Boarding Schools in India for Girls

Today, education is of primary importance in the whole world. And school is the foundation of basic knowledge when we are child. The school makes small children into a well educated grown up individuals so that they can face the challenges of the world. In India, education is regarded as an important part of everyone’s life. Therefore, many beautiful boarding schools have been set up in our country which takes in students not only from various parts of India but also from abroad.

School is like our second home and boarding schools is a place to live as well as learn. Parents want their children to study in these boarding schools so that they become independent, social and well qualified. Especially girls should be educated in such boarding schools so that they grow up to be financially dependent and follow Indian culture and should also have modern outlook.

There are various beautiful boarding schools in India for girls which are constructed in the lush green campus which makes it a beautiful place to learn. Among them ,we have selected the top 10 boarding schools in India for girls. The ranking is done on the basis of education, academics, student strength, size of the campus, teacher-student ratio, extra curricular activities and internationalism.

10. Shah Satnam ji girls school, Sirsa, Haryana

Shah-Satnam-ji-Girls-School-Sirsa-HaryanaShah Satnam Ji Girls School  is situated  in Sirsa, Haryana in India. This is all girls school which takes in students from different states of India. The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) . It was founded in 1994.

There are about 1056 students . The teacher student ratio is 1:18. The area of campus is about 2.003 acres. The school has library in which there are a number of books on different subjects. The school believes that reading is an exercise of the brain. The school is like home to the girls . The girls never feel that they are away from their homes.

9. Maharani Gayatri Devi Girls’ School, Jaipur

Maharani-Gayatri-Devi-Girls-School-JaipurMaharani Gayatri Devi Girls’ School is located in Jaipur, India. It was established by Rajmata Gayatri Devi of Jaipur. It was established in Rajasthan.The school was founded  on August 12, 1943. The name of the  principal is Mrs. Sunita Sharma. The school is situated on the Sawai Ram Singh Road. It spreads over 26 acres. It has over 3000 students. Out of them,  400 are residing in the school. They are studying from Classes1 to 12. The teacher student ratio is 1:20.

Students partcipate in various national and international school competitions in which they represent their states.

8. Ashok Hall Girls Residential School, Ranikhet, Uttarakhand

Ashok-Hall-Girls-Residential-School-Ranikhet-UttarakhandAshok Hall Girls Residential School is a residential school for girls situated in Ranikhet, Almora District, India. The school was established in 1993 by Basant Kumar Birla and also Sarla Birla. It is affiliated to ICSE. The school is spread over 25 acres. It comprises of classes from 4 to 12. The number of students is 250. It has a staff of about 55 members and faculty of about 37. The teacher student ratio is 1:17.

The school provides facilities like Classrooms,  Library,  Laboratories,  Dining hall, Boarding residence,  Playgrounds,  Infirmary, Amphitheatre etc. The subjects which are taught include  English, Hindi, Bengali, Sanskrit, Mathematics, History, Civics, Geography, Economics, Physics, Chemistry etc.

7. Ecole Globale International Girls School, Dehradun

Ecole Globale International Girls School is one of the best boarding schools for girls providing education for grade 4 to 12. It is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). It is also affiliated to the University of Cambridge International Examinations(CIE). It is spread over an area of 40 acres. The teacher student ratio is 1:10. The strength of the students are about 300.

Games are compulsory which include athletics, football and cricket. The facilities provided by the school include Computer Lab, Science Lab, Library, Playground, Swimming Pool etc.

6.Vidya Devi Jindal School, Hisar

Vidya-Devi-Jindal-School-HisarThis school is located near Hisar city in Haryana, India. It was founded in 1984 by Om Prakash Jindal. It is affiliated to  CBSE. The motto of this school is in sanskrit Vidya Jyoti Jeevan Jyoti. It means “The light of knowledge is the light of life”. There are about 650 girls residing in this boarding school. The teacher student ratio is 1:13. The size of the campus is about 47 acres.

The school has foreign links such as Lancaster Girls’ Grammar School in  England and also with St. Clement’s School in Canada and links with Stanford Lake College in South Africa.

5. Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya, Gwalior

Scindia-Kanya- Vidyalaya-GwaliorScindia Kanya Vidyalaya is a girls’ boarding school. It is  situated in Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh ,India. It was founded by the Rajmata of Gwalior state ,Vijaya Raje Scindia. The school is spread over an area of 35 acres. About 500 students come to study here from India and abroad.

It was founded in 1956. It is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. The teacher-student ratio is 1:9. The faculty is highly experienced and qualified. It comprises of 50 graduate and non graduate teachers. The school provides good education to all students. Students who studied in this school have become good professionals in every field.

4.Mayo College Girls School, Ajmer

Mayo-College-Girls-School-AjmerMayo College Girls School is a boarding school for girls which is located in Ajmer, Rajasthan. It was established in 1987. It provides education from classes 4 to 12. The school is affiliated to Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE). The school has a campus area of about 46 acres.

The teacher-student ratio is 1:9. Students are taken to various parts of the country and abroad to participate in competitions such as Indian Public School Conference(IPSC) events and Round Square Conferences. The student strength is 776. Many students have won silver and gold medals. Two students from Mayo College have been selected for IAS.

3. Mody school, Lakshmangarh, Rajasthan

Mody-School-Lakshmangarh-RajasthanMody school is an english medium boarding school for girls. It has classes from 3 to 12. It is affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi. It was established in 1988 by Shri R. P. Mody.

It has students from all over the world. It is spread over 265 acres. The teacher student ratio is 1:12. There are about 1000 students residing in the campus.

The students are educated here so that they can enhance their skills like creativity, problem solving, communication skills, open  mindness and understanding.

The Mody school has a well equipped library consisting of 15,000 titles on various subjects like literature, social sciences, humanities, business, business, science and technology etc. It also has laboratories for Science, English, Fashion Designing, Home Science and Computer Science.

The school also provides personal counselling to remove tension and stress of students during exams and career counselling to choose the field in which they are interested in order to achieve success in life.

2. Welham Girls School, Dehradun

Welham-Girls-School-DehradunWelham Girls School, Dehradun  is situated at Himalayas in Dehradun, India. It was established in 1957. The campus is approximately of 12 acres. It is affiliated to ICSE and ISC.

It has 600 students. The teacher student ratio is 1:10. Each section  from classes 6 to 10 has strength of  28. Each child recieves individual attention and can take help from teachers anytime.

The students also participate in international seminars and travel in different parts of the world for educational trips.

1. Mussoorie International School, Mussoorie

Mussoorie-International-School-MussoorieMIS is a residential school for girls is located in Mussoorie in Uttarakhand, India. It is established in 1984. It is spread over an area of 30 acres. It has classes from 1 to 12.

MIS is affiliated to Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations  (CISCE), New Delhi, India and University of Cambridge International Examinations(CIE).

In MIS, students come from 27 countries like Asia (Thailand, Nepal, Singapore, Bangladesh), North America, Europe, Far East and Australia. The school offers the culture of traditional and modern.

The faculty of the school is highly qualified and experienced. The teacher- student ratio is 1:10. Thus teacher gives individual attention to each and every child. There are about 500 students in the campus.

The school also send their students for educational tours and trips. Some trips have been  made to NASA (USA), Spain, Kashmir, Kerala etc.

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