Top 10 Bicycle Brands in India

Bicycle is one of the most valuable possessions of children as it gives them freedom to explore different places. Bicycle also helps in keeping fitness up to the mark and reduces the risk of overweight.

The benefits of bicycle are not only restricted to health, but also helps in saving money as it needs no fuel and gives a better view of beautiful places. So, if distance is not so long, why don’t give a try to bicycle.

Bicycle companies offer a wide range of bicycle suitable for every age group. Whether, its a city ride or a tough terrain ride, there is a bicycle for every type of ride.

There are many bicycle companies in India and offering a wide range of quality bicycles packed with features. This post describes about the top 10 bicycle brands in India

10. Trek


10th position on this list is occupied by Trek, an American bicycle and cycling product maker incorporated in the year 1976. The company is known worldwide for making finest city bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes and women’s bikes.

Bicycles made by Trek use a combination of innovative materials and the finest construction to deliver the ultimate performance every time. Whether its a city street, a hilly terrain or a rough road, Trek has great bikes for every type of ride.

Trek bicycles are the ultimate fusion of aerodynamics, power and engineering. Trek also offers high quality cycling components, cycling accessories and cycling apparel.

9. Schnell


Schnell is a popular bicycle brand and occupied ninth place in the list of top 10 bicycle brands in India. Schnell has bicycles for every age group and makes the different types of bicycle that include hardtail bike, dual suspension bike, hybrid bike, etc.

Within a sport span of time, Schnell has emerged as a front runner in this segment due to its high quality bicycles. The company ensures a perfect balance of ergonomics and economics while designing and manufacturing a bicycle.

8. Montra


Montra is one of the flagship bicycle brands of TI Cycles and makes a complete range of high end bicycles. Bicycle made by the company are rugged and on par with the international biking standards.

7. Kross


Kross is a bicycle brand of Hero Eco Group and ranked seventh in the list of top 10 bicycle brands in India. Bicycles offered by Kross are optimally priced and are of premier quality. Revolution, Style and Sporty are some of the words that can describe bicycles made by the Kross.

6. Avon


Avon was started in the year 1948 and presently among the most selling bicycle brands in India. High Power Series, Trendies and Roadsters are some of the bicycle series of the company.

5. Firefox


Firefox is next on this list, which is known for mountain bikes and offer a true biking experience. Bicycles made by Firefox are stylish, sporty, reliable and available in different colours.

Full Suspension, Cruiser, Hardtail, BMX and Road are some of the bike ranges offered by the company. Firefox also offer accessories that make cycling experience a memorable one and some of the accessories include apparel, pumps, gloves and headprotectors.

4. Atlas


Atlas is an ISO 9001:2008 certified bicycle company, which is not only a leading bicycle manufacturing company in India but also in the world. The company has an annual production capacity of 40 Lakh bicycles per year.

Atlas always tries to offer bicycles with innovative features at optimal prices. The company offer a wide range of bicycles with price varying from low budget to high budget.

3. BSA


BSA is another bicycle brand of TI cycles, which offer bicycles packed with style and comfort. Ladybird, Champ and SLR are the bicycle ranges offered by the company. Aspire, Photon, Vogue, Angel and Dazz are some of the products of the company.

2. Hercules


Hercules is another popular brand and stand at second place in the list of top 10 bicycle brands in India. Hercules is one of the flagship cycle brands of TI Cycles, a cycle manufacturing company incorporated in the year 1949.

Hercules is known for making strong and dynamic bikes, which are true companion for adventure seekers. MTB Turbodrive, Roadsters and Roadeo are different bicycle ranges offered by Hercules.

1. Hero


With a share of more than 45% in the Indian Bicycle Market, Hero is the leading bicycle brand in India. Incorporated in the year 1956, Hero Cycles Limited offers a wide range of bicycles under different categories like city bikes, mountain bikes, roadsters, etc.

Hero offers bicycle for every age group across different budgets, that ranges from low budget bikes to premium bikes. Sprint, Octane and UT are some of the premium range of bikes made by Hero.

Hero has launched UT and UTEDGE, premium range of bikes designed for outdoor and adventurous rides. This range of bikes is a perfect combination of comfort, style, performance and engineering.

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