Top 10 Best Beaches in India

Indian peninsula is dotted with spectacular and pristine beaches acclaimed globally. Best Beaches in India are nothing but a tribute of nature. The mainland flaunts sun-drenched and shimmering golden/silver sand and panoramic views of swaying palm groves shying away from alluring color of water bodies from turquoise, to emerald green is picturesque.

A rich biome with exotic tropical climate surrounds the shores and it’s region where the sweltering sun rays fall on the shores makes the Indian beaches not less than any jewel unearthed. Indian beach’s glisten enraptures the imagination of photographers and nature enthusiasts and makes its elysian.

With scorching heat waves on the cards now, one longs for revitalizing and rejoicing far from the maddening town, for such folks nothing better than a paradise “beach” could be an escape with it’s timeless bliss; brimming frolic. And when it is about Indian beaches, it perhaps is quiet economic when it comes to value for money. Being an epitome of beguiling pleasantries offered by gleaming waters and scarlet sunsets, people from all walks of life to put a stamp of their footsteps here.

Assortments to add up in your bucket list:

  • Water sports and Joy rides.
  • Diving and Bungee Jumping.
  • Beach combing and Bay-watching.
  • Laze around while Sunbathing.
  • Sand castles building and collecting seashells.
  • Spicing up with sumptuous seafood.

India has one of the incredibly spell bounding and longest coastline worldwide of nearly 7,600 kilometers. Every beach is albeit a distinctive beauty, but here are the ones listed in the “top 10 best Beaches of India” that you really shouldn’t miss out on, while planning for holiday destinations this summer.

10. Vagator Beach

Renowned worldwide among party mongers and DJs for it hosts “Sunburn” event every year. The Vagator beach is a live wire beach and filled with fun quotient and lots of hustle with it’s trance party scenes, during Christmas unlike rest of the time it’s serene.

The beach situated in north goa consisting of little Vagator and big Vagator, right and left front respectively. The sand is white in contrast with the bed of black rocks across the gleaming water of Arabian sea. Splashy and foamy waves casts a spell whereas the cool breeze creates an enamoring ambiance gives a very warm reception. Windsurfing lovers head onto this beach very often.
Vagator beach has eccentric seaside bars, cottage and shacks offering culinary indulgence with  delectable and authentic seafood.
Best time to visit: Oct-May

9. Om Beach


By Axis of eran (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

This mesmerizing beach is situated 8 km from Gokarna with elaborate stretches of golden sands. The shoreline takes a shape of two semi-circle masses adjoining to form a shape, resembling the Hindu Om symbol. A lot of hippie sages hover a lot around here. If one is water sport enthusiast they should not miss the beach’s major attraction like trekking, parasailing, water skiing, banana boat rides, surfing etc.

The beach offers a splendid environment, with an uninterrupted view of the sun during dusk when it sinks down the horizon.

Thus, accentuating the fact that stands well fitted in ninth position in the list of top 10 best Beaches in India.

Best time to visit: February-March

8. Candolim Beach


Situated 13 kilometers from Panaji, in the northern parts of Goa has unique natural scrub covers and is famous for fishing activities, apart from mainstream water sports. The long coastline is lined up with shacks and bars audacity to keep you glaring throughout the day with beach’s captivating charm.

One can spend time beach combing, lay back on hammocks read books or by feasting on a steady supply of food from local eating joints and low key bars. The beach side also has good number of resorts, soothing spas & massage retreat centres is another component that is worth a try.

The beach begins at Fort Aguada and ends with the “Calangute beach”, another most popular beach of Goa. It is considered to be the most peaceful and calm places in Goa. It hold an incredible attraction for Paddleboarding, Wakeboarding, Kayaking, Kneeboarding enthusiasts.

Best time to visit: November – April

7. Anjuna Beach


The beach is famous for it’s marvellous and mystic rocky headland formations covered with silver sands is worth a behold; with its gleaming azure sea the view becomes more stunning. The beach hosts lavish trance parties & luminous full moon parties. A very deserving number seven on the list of top 10 best Beaches in India.

Jump on a country boat or take a swim in the clear waters or laze around on the beach along with hipster clan near the balmy shores under the deep blue skies to enjoy the a dramatic seascape.

The beach is famous for its Wednesday flea bazaar offering funky blings, Goan apparel, fruits, knick-knack etc. Anjuna beach hails plenty of luxurious resorts, hotels in its vicinity for cozy accommodation.
Best time to visit: November -March

6. Calangute Beach


It’s referred as “Queen of the beaches”, as it’s one of the largest and beautiful one in the northern region of Goa. The beach has grown commercial with it’s gaining fame for its nightlife, upbeat great techno music, fun-filled partying.

A must visit place for authentic seafood and goa cuisine lovers. One can spot a plenty of  palm leafed huts, shacks, pint quarters serving exceptionally refreshing food delicacies. Calangute beach also has some uber-cool and enthralling clubs in the periphery.

Water sports like Skiing,Waters Scooter Rides, Surfing, Parasailing are also prominently famous here.

Best time to visit: December-May

5. Baga Beach


A number 5 on my list of top 10 best Beaches in India.

Immensely popular among international and domestic tourists, located in west side of Goa the Baga beach,16 kilometers (10 miles) from Panaji, has 30km long coastline is a wild beauty worth a glance.
This long sandy beach got it’s name from the Baga Creek. The beach is festive frenzy, has pulsating nightlife all smouldering with crazy mob enjoying foot tapping dancing and mellifluous karaoke and disco clubs results liveliness in no time.

It has famous for Dolphin Cruises and thrilling water sports few namely Windsurfing , Kite surfing, Parasailing, Snake boating along with Fishing . If one is a shopaholic they can drop into plenty of quaint shops, vendor stalls selling huesome apparels and souvenirs.

Best time to visit: late October -March

4. Kovalam Beach


A serene paradise, basically a fishing village, is located in the southern part of the city Thiruvananthapuram. The Kovalam beach has 17 km of the Arabian Sea coastline, running alongside Malabar coast, comprising union of three cover namely: Lighthouse Beach, Hawah Beach and Samudra Beach.

The beach has extensive stretches of shimmering white sand preferable for a walkway along the seafront and brushing coconut trees against cool breeze feels like the scene comes out of a painting. With the lighthouse perched atop the Kurumkal hills draws ecstatic beauty throng this place for its visitors towards the view of peaceful bay.

Showcasing a wide array of scenic beauties makes this beach unaffordable to miss upon at any given point of time.

Best time to visit: All year round

3. Palolem Beach


Goa’s idyllic and most picturesque crescent shaped beach famous for dolphin-spotting tours, is enclosed by a dense forest of coconut and shady palm trees and flora, situated in the market town of Chaudi (South Goa), 16 Kms from Panaji. It is the most visited beach of South Goa.

A third rank has been secured in the list of top 10 best Beaches in India by Palolem beach with its stupendous view and captivating aura.

The beach is famous for the Silent Noise-Party all year round with countable number of beach shacks, party houses with excellent food and talented barmen flaunting thier flame juggling skills. This enchanting beach in Goa is relatively deserted & unspoiled beach with major habitats of local fisherman and foreign tourists, all interspersed with huts, wooden boats and fishnets etc.

It has many temporary coco huts alongside of the beach, is relatively suitable for merry strolls during sunsets and during full moon nights.

Best time to visit: November-March.

2. Varkala Beach


Situated at an hour distance from Trivandrum in Kerala, also known as “Papanasam beach”, where a single dip in the waters of this beach liberated ones from sins of a lifetime. Varkala beach is reckoned for it’s natural mineral hot springs and the intoxicatingly tranquil atmosphere, which has calming influence on the body, mind and spirit on oneself.

The beach is peacefully loaded breathe taking and strikingly scenic view of scaling long stretch of rocky cliff extending over the Arabian sea.

There has been paved a footpath running along the cliff’s length which is flanked by coconut trees and spectacular tourist settings including shacks and resorts.With the steps leading down from the cliff top to the shore is nested the mesmerising sparkling beach is well known for its dramatic sunsets.

Lazing near the beach full roar of the waves, there lies various shacks : relishing variety of cocktails, shooters quenches the thirst of parched sunbathed bodies and scrumptious food is a must at this beach. It’s a heaven for spiritual visitors with its popular yoga retreats and Ayurveda center rejoicing moods and curating body holistically.

It’s a heaven for spiritual visitors with its popular Yoga retreats and Ayurveda center rejoicing moods and curating body holistically.

Best time to visit: September – March

1. Radha Nagar Beach


Withstanding ravages of time and beauty has aced on the list of top 10 best Beaches in India, the ‘Radha nagar beach’ !

Undoubtedly the most astoundingly beautiful and tranquil beach ever existing on the face of India, is situated 12km from in Havelock Island at Andaman islands. The hallmark of this beach is clean and sparkling turquoise blue water and fine white sand all surrounding this serene landmass endowed with sunkissed beaches.

It’s one heck of a beach untainted by any commercialism and cocooned by unwavering rich aquamarine diversity, is longing footsteps of travellers to explorience and sightseeing.

One can enjoy Elephant drives, spectacular Sunset views, sun basking, scuba diving & snorkelling to explore vibrant coral reefs, trekking, kayaking etc. The islands have courteous hospitality to offer by boutique hotels and extravagant amenities around the beach.

The entire shoreline has sheer appeal for the eyes to behold and serve skins a perfect tan in the daylight and funfilled bonfire nights with unplugged music during nights.

The island is revered by several precious award one of it being ‘Asia’s best beach’ by Time Magazine in 2004.

Best time to visit: November – April

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