Top 10 Best Analytics Companies in India

Analytics Companies are those companies, which uses technologies and skills to investigate or find out the past performance of an organization. The analysis, which is being driven out is utilized for developing future business strategies to improve performance.

In this world of cut throat competition, quick adaptation and an extra edge over competitors is must. For a survival of an organization, analysis of the shortcomings or weak areas is the most essential.

Huge Corporation gives the work of analytics to reputed analytics companies, who work efficiently and swiftly and gives a report to the corporation. The report given to the corporation is then being analysed to know the performance of the corporation.

In India, there are many domestic and multinational analytics companies working, which take projects from many companies and give them a report. This post describes about the Top 10 Best Analytics Companies in India:

10. Mu-Sigma Analytics

Mu Sigma Analytics

Mu Sigma is an ISO 27001 certified company, which was incorporated in the year 2004 and primarily engaged in providing analytics services to companies of different sectors. Headquartered in Chicago, USA, Mu Sigma offer services to many Fortune 500 Companies.

9. Mckinsey & Company

McKinsey & Company

Mckinsey & Company is an American multinational corporation engaged in providing qualitative and quantitative analytics and occupied ninth place in the list of top 10 best analytics companies in India. The company came into existence in the year 1926 and presently leads this sector and deals with many multinational corporations.

Business Analytics, Operational Analytics, Risk Advanced Analytics and Marketing and Sales Analytics are some of the services offered by the company to clients.

8. Wipro Analytics

WIpro Analytics

Wipro Analytics is a known name in analytics sector, which help organizations to grow by providing deeper customer insights and efficient performance analysis.

The company offers expertise analytics solutions for specific sector like insurance analytics, retail analytics, media analytics, manufacturing analytics, etc.

What makes this company ahead from others is its unique approach of driving out the deep analysis using cutting edge technology and statistical methods. Banking, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Media and Communication are some of the sectors to which the company offers its services.

7. Absolutdata Analytics

Absolutdata Analytics

Absolutdata Analytics is a US based analytics corporation and ranked seventh in the list of top 10 best analytics companies in India. Winner of Emerging Company of the Year award, Absoludata Analytics gives companies a deep insight of its performance through analysis, which can be used to harness the unused potential.

6. Cognizant Analytics

Cognizant Analytics

Cognizant is not only a leading player in IT but also leads analytics front in the country by providing expertise analytics solutions to clients. The company offer advanced analytics solutions for companies belonging to different sectors to analyze and refine products and services to remain a front runner in the competition.

5. TCS Analytics

TCS Analytics

TCS Analytics is known for providing insights on performance and gives company a proper analysis report so that company can take faster and smarter decision to leap forward in competition.

Customer Analytics, Financial Analytics, Risk Analytics and Supply Chain Analytics are some of the services offered by the company.

4. Accenture Analytics

Accenture Analytics

Accenture is globally acclaimed for providing solutions to companies to achieve their business goals. Incorporated in the year 1989, Accenture offers services to many Fortune 500 companies.

3. IBM Analytics

IBM Analytics

IBM Analytics is a leading analytics company known for offering demand specific analytics solutions. The company has a dedicated team of specialized professionals that offers services like business intelligence, marketing analytics, risk analysis and pricing analytics. The company offers services to companies belonging to different sectors like Banking, Retail, Insurance, Healthcare, Communication, Media, etc.

2. Latentview Analytics

Latentview Analytics

Latentview Analytics is among the fastest growing analytics company in the world and ranked second in the list of top 10 best analytics companies in India. Founded in the year 2006, Latentview Analytics offers data analytics to clients and some of its services include Marketing Analytics, Risk and Compliance Analytics and Supply Chain Analytics.

The company has established a distinct image in this segment and offers a unique approach to client’s business and goals. Cisco, PayPal, Pepsico and Microsoft are some of the clients of the company.

1. Fractal Analytics

Fractal Analytics

Fractal Analytics is the leading analytics company in the country, which was established in the year 2000. The company is known worldwide for offering analytics solutions and some of the sectors to which the company offer services are Retail, Finance, Technology and Insurance.

Customer Loyalty and Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Data Visualization and Pricing Analytics are some of the services offered by the company to clients. Concordia, Segmentron and Pincer are some of the products of the company.

The company serves many Fortune 500 Companies of different sectors and provide them with a detailed analysis of performance. The company has presence in many countries in the world like USA, Italy, Canada, Switzerland, UK and UAE.

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