Top 10 Amusement Parks in India

If one is thinking of adventurous and thrilling trips in some area specific destination then, you should certainly count on Amusement parks. Also termed as theme parks or funfairs in common parlance, amusement parks are perfect escape to the whimsical world.

Its a place full of hustle bustle, thrill, action, entertainment, rides, toy trains, roller coasters, outdoor  sports, gardens, playgrounds, fun with water etc. Well most of the amusement parks in India, are family friendly and has shopping plus food court arcades adjoined with the amusement parks.

With special fun and rides, these theme parks are often paid visits by its city dwellers and otherwise. These paradises are a major source of frolic & entertainment, a much needed weekend break from the chores of the daily life. Adventure parks are the best holiday havens all filled with fun quotient and refreshment, which are often enjoyed by people of the age groups visiting in altering numbers. One can enjoy the adrenaline rush with rides, water and outdoor sports.

From mind relaxing trip to adrenaline pumping rides, that are crazy enough for you to bring alive the child in you, amusement parks are great stress busters. It is a places loved and most visited by adventure fanatics and enthusiasts.

With its watery magic, winding lazing river with rolling waves, splashing pool the place also lets you discover with your gastronomical adventures with F&B joints, amusement parks are surely worth your money and time. Well there are more than 100 amusement parks countrywide, of which we have reviewed the list of Top 10 Amusement Parks in India, to ensure you go to the right place for your enjoyment pursuits.

10. Ocean Park


Tenth in the list of Top 10 Amusement Parks in India, stands Ocean Park, which is fun filled with lots of  activities lets you enjoy the moments in a zesty spirit. Located 15 kilometres away from the city Hyderabad, at a beautiful landscape the place, Ocean Park offers a colossal of world class amusement rides & water rides.

Not only it a place that ensures fun for kids, but to all other age groups as well. Boosting your moments with excitement, fantasy and frolic, Ocean Park is one of the best place for fun seekers. The park also has multi-cuisine restaurants that offers sumptuous food at affordable prices.

It offers rides namely Pendulum, Tornodo, Crazy Cruize, Multilane Ride,Wave Pool, Aqua Snake, Aqua Trail, Zip Zap, Mini Carrousel, Zoom, Harkiri, Aqua Glide, Jumping Forgs, Mini Coloumbus, Monkey Ride, Peacock Train etc. Brake Dance, Super Jet, High Swinger, Super Loop Ride are few of the most exciting and must try rides of this park.

9. Nicco Park


Nicco park is situated in the salt city, Kolkata. Also popularly known as Jheel Meel, Nikko Park is one of the most popular tourist spot that cultures as recreation and fun centre for all ages. Nicco park is often called as the ‘Disneyland of the West Bengal. The park is a joint sector holding between the Nicco Group and the Government of West Bengal.

This park is spanned in over lush green 40 acres and houses 35 varied points of attraction inside the park and according to its statistics it has served over more than 32 million visitors till date (of which 1.3 million visit this park every year). The park has a replica of the Eiffel tower, which is so splendid. Connected with cable cars and walkways, Nicco park also basks in natural attractions such as rose gardens and 40 ft high waterfall too.

The park also displays coveted aircrafts, offers rides from hovercrafts in the lakes. The park other attraction points such as Souvenir shops, bowling alley, wet-o-wild zone and high end restaurants.

Nicco park has been awarded many recognitions such was the title of, ‘Best Indigenously Manufactured  Ride’ in the year 2006-07 by the Indian Association of Amusement Parks and Industries for its amazing Giant Cyclone ride.

Apart from general certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OSHAS, Nicco Park is said to be the only park globally to get the ISO 9002 certification from a European Certifying Authority. The park is open 365 days except in holi and offers different ticket and packages according to number of people and the zone one wishes to enter.

8. Queens Land


Eighth in the list of Top 10 Amusement Parks in India, stands Queens Land which is located in the outskirts of Chennai, in Poonamallee. The park is spread over in 70 acres of land all fueling up your adrenaline rush. Queens land offers adventurous voyage with its 51 rides of which 33 are meant for adults and 18 for children.

It has pulse elevating rides, which are sure to enthral your senses. Featuring some of the exhilarating stuff like the cable car ride, thrilling Himalayan water ride, the parks that lets you immerse in fun element of the highest order.

7. Adventure Island


This happens to be one of the best amusement parks in Delhi, as its a very good pace to hangout with friends and family. Adventure Island is easily accessible through the metro trains in Delhi, as it is located near to the Rithala metro station Rohini. Spread over 62 acres of land, this park is approved by the safety norms for the riders by the European Safety Standards.

This amusement park’s area has been divided into two halves, one is the adventure island which includes the lagoon and amusement park and the other is the Metro walk which offers you good retail therapy to the park visitors. The park offers some of the most unique rides and point of attractions which are internationally designed by consultants and architects.

6. Worlds of Wonder


Sixth in the list of Top 10 Amusement Parks in India, stands Worlds of Wonder. Situated in Noida sector 38A near Delhi, the place is very much adored by the adventure and sports lovers. The park was opened in the year 2007 and is owned and operated by Entertainment City Limited, a joint venture of International Amusement Limited and Unitech Holdings limited.

Worlds of Wonder is a world class destination, which is an ideal getaway. It has lots of sporting arena for adventure fanatic such as go-carting fields, boat rides, 360 meter lazy rivers, bench themed wave pool, water park etc.

The amusement park has two zones namely, roadshow and La fiesta for kids which offers a good escape from everyday’s life. Big Beat, Feedback, Fast Forward and Mega Disco are some of the best rides one should visit if they are thrill rides lovers.

Enthralling all its visitors the park also has paint ball, air hockey, go karting set ups and several other outdoor sports that one can enjoy. The park also has cafeteria and food stalls that simmers your flaming gastronomical pursuits.

5. Essel World


This park celebrates its nine decades of existence for being one of the best and the oldest amusement parks in India. It was Essel World which is owned under the name of Pan India Paryatan Private limited (a part of Essel Group), who popularised the concept of amusement park in India and also in the meanwhile it had set benchmarks for other parks in India.

Located in Gorai village which lies in north-west Mumbai, the park is divided into two parks like Essel  World and Water Kingdom which is spread out in 64 acres of land.

Shot N Drop, Top Spin, Monsters in the Mist, Ice skating rink, Bowling alley, mirror maze, to name a few out of 57 other elements of attractions for all the age groups. One is sure to capture thrill, fun, entertainment and pure happiness in each of their moments spent at the Essel World. Other well-known slides and attractions at Water Kingdom are What-A-Coaster, Black Demon, Drifting  River, Mamma Miya, Aqua Drome, Elephant Safari, Serpent Safari etc.

4. Adlabs Imagica


Fourth position in the list of Top 10 Amusement Parks in India has been secured by the big budgeted park, Adlabs Imagica. It’s the only amusement park in India that features Snow park. Adlabs Imagica is a 300-acre theme park situated in Khopoli, which is near to Mumbai, Pune and Lonavala. The park is owned by Adlabs Entertainment Limited, which has hosted more than 3.5 million visitors till date.

The adventure park offers fun settings for snow basketball, slide down icy slopes in rafts and toboggans all in minus 5 degrees. Adlabs Imagica offers an amalgamation of entertainment, fun, action, relaxation, dining and shopping everything at a single location.

Famous for a variety of rides and attraction centres, naming a few like the roller coaster Nitro, Scream machine, Mr. India, Dare 2 Drop, Gold Rush and other 25 attractive theme rides. This park features many pure vegetarian restaurants which are uniquely designed and offers a host of grubs, food to its visitors.

Its luxurious 287 room in-house hotel, ‘Novotel Imagica’, lets the visitors plan a stay, because every  adventure needs a proper base camp to chill. The hotel is well equipped with all modern facilities and infrastructure to ensure a pleasurable stay.

Adlabs Imagica is the perfect weekend getaway, where onlookers can spend their time in landscaping, where the entire park is backed with ambient music character designs, adorable architectural facade of the buildings etc.

3. Kingdom of Dreams


The most sensational rendezvous, Kingdom of Dreams is the perfect place that defines the terrific alliance of India’s culture and performing arts in action. This Bollywood themed park is embellished with lots of magnificent details all over, which makes its entire ambience an utterly beautiful carnival. It is situated in Gurugram its the city’s best leisure destination. Spanned in 6 acres of land, Kingdom of Dreams is run by Great Indian Nautanki Company, which is a joint venture between Apra Group and Wizcraft.

Kingdom of Dreams has the Nautanki Mahal a hi-tech auditorium with a seating capacity of 835 people, that is a stage to performing artist. Zangoora and Jhumroo are its must watch live plays one must watch.

This amusement cum entertainment park showcases varied rich cultural and cuisine in their Culture Gully and exciting plays in Showshaa Theatre letting you enjoy wizardry shows. Its food boulevard serves different cuisines from the 14 states of India, which is another plus for this park.

2. Ramoji Film City


Second in the list of Top 10 Amusement Parks in India stands Ramoji Film City, which is one of the biggest film studio complex where many Bollywood movies have been filmed every year.

It’s the most oldest and the most splendid thematic holiday destination of the past and the present times. Ramoji Film City was established late back in the year 1996 and is spread across an area of 2000 acres. Visitors can enjoy a wide variety of fun and frolic activities and sports in the park such as Terrain Vehicles, bungee jumping, zorbing, and paintball etc.

This park was awarded by the Guinness world records as the world’s largest film studio complex. Ramoji Film City caters joy to more than 1.5 million tourist every year and also received award for excellence from the department of tourism, Andhra Pradesh government, in the year 2013.

Sahas, which is the Asia’s Largest Adventure Land let all adventure junkies to race their pulse by leaping into the extreme power packed experience like with High Rope Courses, Zorbing, Bungee jumping, All Terrain Vehicle [ATV] rides, Shooting, Archery and lots more.

1. Wonderla


Acing the list of Top 10 Amusement Parks in India stands, Wonderla. Situated at three different places viz. Kochi (previously known as Veega land), Bangalore and Hyderabad. Wonderla at Kochi was established 15 yrs ago and it sports more than 59 amusment rides. It is the first park in India to get ISO14001 certificate for eco-friendliness and OHSAS 18001 certificate for safety.

Wonderla’s second centre is located 28 kms from Bangalore city, which is power packed with 62 thrilling rides and full of entertainment theme setup. Whereas Wonderla Hyderabad exhibits 43 amazing rides, out of which 25 are land based and 18 water-based rides. Altogether the place caters with finest of  the facilities. This amusement park lets your imagination rest in idyllic spots away escaping the mundane chores of daily life.

Wonderla also has resorts located inside the premises of the amusement park, letting you go easy with sojourns. The park offers different types of entry, ride or exclusive packages such as suiting varied needs.


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